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Character introduction & Glossary

Character introduction Chrono Crawford / Kurono Hisamitsu クロノ・クロフォード/黒野 久光 Summoned when he was 15 years old → main story starting point 18 years old Height: a little 170 cm. He fell in a different world without explanation, Luckily adopted by Crawford house. All the skills (languages, reading, writing, swordsmanship, magic) were acquired after he came to … Continue reading Character introduction & Glossary

Kuro no Senki TOC

Warning: Mild level of spoilers クロの戦記 Table of Content  Arc 1 :Building Resolve Chapter 1: 『Kurono』[1] Chapter 2: 『Halfelf Leira』[1] Chapter 3: 『Marquis Erakis』[1]  Chapter 4: 『Okami and Flower girl』[1] Chapter 4.5: 【Leira】 [1] Chapter 5: 『Slave Market』[1] Chapter 6: 『Thieves』[1] [2] Chapter 6.5: Characters & Glossary [1] Chapter 7: 『Tyria return』 [1] [2] … Continue reading Kuro no Senki TOC

Not a chapter

From the look of things. There won't be any more chapter at least 2 weeks in the future. I have class, exam and I have to teach one too. This is what I mean by slow~ly snail pace. in the mean time, I might translate charactor page and maybe name votes. For example, Deneb and … Continue reading Not a chapter