Sometimes I hate that non-disclosure agreement. I’d have an excuse to be missing otherwise.

Anyway, great news! Kuro no Senki has been picked up by Mr. hasutsuki from Finally we have a proper translator. Please give him a round of applause. 

– It’s alright now.

Thank You

Your Venus with Gundam arm translator.


7 thoughts on “Notice

  1. Tokanya says:

    BTW, If you wonder why I didn’t have any progress. I traveling a lot lately. Plus I was sick last week. Even right now I’m still outside without my laptop. So, there you have it.


      • hasutsuki says:

        It’s fine.

        But this novel is really hard to translate even with my N3 Japanese.
        It’s amazing that you can machine translate this novel… O.Oa


      • Tokanya says:

        Let say I once had a crush on Japanese speaking friend, so I hone my listening skill. It didn’t end very well but at least I got the skill. If I don’t understand any part I put it on a reading site. If that didn’t work it’s a guess work. The rest is how to write in English.


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