Character introduction & Glossary

Character introduction

Chrono Crawford / Kurono Hisamitsu
クロノ・クロフォード/黒野 久光

Summoned when he was 15 years old → main story starting point 18 years old
Height: a little 170 cm.

He fell in a different world without explanation, Luckily adopted by Crawford house.
All the skills (languages, reading, writing, swordsmanship, magic) were acquired after he came to a different world with the result of his own efforts.

He has an academic level of a junior high school (above average or the middle group of above average). There is no experience in martial arts, athletic ability is (three years effort) barely decent.

Since his hobby was reading and (browsing) the internet, he has a shallow but extensive knowledge.
His mind is weak but good-natured. He did not hesitate to make a ruthless decision if necessary. However, it depressed him afterward.
Laila claims that his defensive power against women is lower than a paper thin.
bad at Swords, magic is a no, the lessons in a classroom are also useless, he’s timid, and there is also no charisma.
The biggest obstacle to his harem development is the sense of ethics in the main character is wastefully high.

Tyria (Tilia)
18 years old
The first princess of the Cepheus Empire and the successor to the throne.
She got blonde hair also ample and firm chest of her mother.
The perfect superwoman who is a beauty and intelligence in both literary and military arts with the broad view.
But when she stands on the scene, there is a problem that her view becomes narrow.
She was the main heroine, but the lower dominating the upper is done by Leila.

Tyria (Tilia) (ref)
Cepheus (ref)
Lower dominating the upper – Gekokujou (ref)

20 years old
A half-elf with brown skin and gold pupils.
Her mother works as an elven prostitute in an Imperial slum.
Half-elf itself is positioned as the lowest among demi-human.
Leila was also a beautiful girl, so she was sexually abused in the slum.

At the age of 15, her mother dies and she joins up in an army to get citizenship.
But as soon as she was assigned, Pique the interest of Marquis of the Erakis. she feels that she is dirty because of her severe childhood. While holding a joy of being loved, She got the shameful feels as she tries to strive more from “Now”.

She takes pride in her excellent skill in the martial art, archery, and magic.
Mistaken the good will of Chrono for a feeling of love.
She makes it into number one lover by the storm.
She was the supporting role who even has no names in the first chapter.
She becomes the main heroine with the amazement look in the other.
The meaning to have that and the strongest lower dominating the upper character in this chapter.
The very meaning of Gekokujou

Leila, Leyla, Layla is a female name of Arabic and English. It derives from Arabic “night” (ليلى). Lila (Lyla, Lila, and Lilah) is synonymous, too.(ref) please warn me if I use the wrong one.

mistress, landlady, hostess, proprietress.

Age 3? something
Since she’s lost her husband five years ago, The dining place and an inn are managed her alone.
With a fleshy body, if you brush it will shine type.
The way of talking with Chrono is blended between polite and roughness.
Despite the minimum academic ability, she has no business talent.
She makes a large debt of 100 gold coins, and become Chrono’s employee to repay the debt.
Furthermore, Chrono has paid her debt in advance(with no interest) and paid back from monthly salaries.

The most awkward to translate person for me. How can you keep calling someone owner landlady or mistress you Japanese? It can be used from the normal restaurant up to geisha house.

Elena Grafias
エレナ グラフィアス
17 years old
A daughter of an associate aristocrat and have a studying abroad experience in a free city-state group.

エレナ/エレーナ/エーレナ (Elena 他) is the female name for which Russia is used widely in Europe. It derives from Helena (Helena), and there are others deformity of Ellen (Ellen) and Helen (Helen) etc.(ref)
Associate aristocrat, quasi/semi-aristocrat (準貴族) – It is mainly a powerful person who is not an aristocrat, but has some degree of privilege and economic base. As represented by British gentlemen and others, the minimum requirement for being a semi-nobility was the landowner, and that the ruler of the country was allowed to possess the land. Basically any title below Baron. 

An adjutant/Mino-san
about 30 years old
A Minotaur which was given a magic interpretation nose ring. The Aide, however, was not an official position, but it was press onto him unnoticed.

This “magic interpretation nose ring” comes with a sound effect which I left out after chapter 1 due to some technical reason. for example
Mino-san: Yes, I will. 『fumoo~』
Mino-san: No way 『moooo~』

Lizard Centurion/Lizardo
age unknown
He vulnerable to changes in temperature because it is a poikilotherm Because the thought process is different or something, he answers in words.

You haven’t seen him speak more than 3 words yet but he speaks one word at a time.
Centurion Captain of 100 xxx. It’s a Roman word for those who command 100 men (80 soldiers, 20 auxiliary servants). The original Japanese use Caption of the 100 xxx. which is too long. like “Lizardo caption of the 100 lizards and a Mino-san captain of the 100 minotaurs going to command 100 of …” if you like that better. tell me.

Dwarven Centurion/Goldy
About 30 years old
Trained in the workshop from about an early age and has a high skill as a weapon armor smith. Backed up by Chrono and start his own workshop. He was ordered to develop a synthetic bow, an artificial bow and a Japanese paper(washi). In just one month his workload was a lot tougher and almost died from overwork.

Werewolf Centurion/ Shiro, Haiiro (White & Gray)
Mid 20s
They have the high loyalty which is the tribal character of the werewolf and the heart that protect the weak.
Therefore they’re loved by children like Alison.

about 30 years old
Kein is a leader of a mercenary group (a group of bandit). His parents were killed when he was young, he grew up in a mercenary group that picked him up. He survives though numerous fierce battle fights. There are also his circumstances, why he didn’t have a prejudice against slaves and sub-people.

ケイン read kɛjn (ref) is there any German can tell me how to write this in English.

Marquis of Erakis
The person who gives Chrono a chance(difficulty) to succeed. The useless lord who is a spender and doesn’t consider philogyny and population of the fief. Because he imposed many small amounts of tax on the citizen (when combined, it’s high), The Economy in the Marquis Erakis territory is quite grim.

Deneb & Arided
Master of bows elf twin. Leila’s friend since she was assigned to Marquis Erakis territory. Although they have a male experience, they seem to have little experience on a gentle one, envious of Laila.

Deneb & Arided (ref)

mid 20s
Lower rank Priestess of Temple of Earth.

Zion(ref) is the Hebrew name for the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and was the seat of the First and Second Temple in Jerusalem.


Place name & glossary commentary


※ I thought that the image was difficult to grasp, I made a map. The height of the peninsula is about 1200 KM, the width of the base is about 500 KM.

not me the author.

Cepheus Empire
About 400 years ago the Cepheus Empire was only a small country, but the one who dominates the whole peninsula and establishes an empire was the first emperor. Thirty years ago, the disturbance such as civil war, invasion of barbarians, the city revolutionary, and the like and the territory is reduced to 2/3. Compared to the neighboring countries, it adopts a policy that is tolerant to sub-people.

Are you serious? that is the better one already?

The sacred Argo Kingdom 
Kingdom of six religions that believed in God. Possessing the greatest believers is “A White God who governs order.” and the least amount of believers is “Black goddess who governs chaos.”

Free city-state group
A city-state group independent from the Cepheus empire in the turbulent period thirty years ago. Currently, the guild masters of the merchant guilds are holding the actual power of the city, so it hard for any newcomers. It is said that whoever you are you can live a luxurious life if you have money. You can be successful in your career if you have a talent for it.

Former noble
The noble of Cepheus empire before the period of disturbance three decades ago. Some are capable people and some are incompetent, but overall they are strongly discriminatory.

New noble
The people who became the noble of Cepheus empire by the recognized achievements in the turbulent period, They are a noble only in name but treated as a pioneer. After spending more than two decades, turning the frontier into a rich agriculture zone. Their loyalty to the Emperor is shallow, and friendship among themselves is abnormally strong.

Six Pillars God
The god of the six pillars that gave an order to the world that was eroded by chaos. They are the incarnation of light, darkness, fire, water, earth, and wind. But as the times goes on, They add the concepts that are likely to be relevant to each of them.
They’re called by a temporary name because it’s a taboo to say their name.
“Pure While God who governs order.”
“Jet Black goddess who governs chaos.”
“Crimson God who governs destruction.”
“Blue Goddess who governs life”
“Green God who governs vicissitudes.”
“Yellow Mother God who administers fertility”

Divine art
The technique of borrowing the power of God (communicating with God). Only the power of the god who they believe can be used. It has the risk of becoming a brain dead from excessive use. As the advantages, even if the person himself does not have any specialized knowledge they can heal scratches, improve the rough soil, or shoot out power. The type of the technique depends on the god who they believe. For example, “Crimson God who governs destruction.” literally for destruction “Blue Goddess who governs life” is excellent in healing.

Magic art
A technology that turns your magical power into a physical phenomenon. Using medication with implication effect, engrave operational expression (spell) to the brain. Because of the application of the operation itself, it can also be used in illiteracy people. A lot of attack and defense magic has been developed, but healing magic is not as far.

Flame dance
This magic release a red flashy flame and sound.
Low damaging skill.

Icicle dance
The magic which can freeze a target.
Low damaging skill.

Tensu Kagura (lit. Kagura dance of Tensu; see note below)

One kind of spatial magic which makes the specific region user choose to enveloped, change into which utterly dark sphere.
You can change all substances in spite of the strength of the object.
The damage ability is too high and very difficult to use.

TN: Sorry, bamboo-kin I cringe every time I type that name. Let me go with least chuni name

天枢 Tensu the First Star of Northern Dipper, Heaven’s hinge.
神楽 Kagura (video)(ref) Kagura (神楽, かぐら, “god-entertainment”) is a Japanese word referring to a specific type of Shinto theatrical dance—with roots arguably predating those of Noh. Once strictly a ceremonial art derived from kami’gakari (神懸, かみがかり, “oracular divination”) and chinkon (鎮魂, ちんこん, “spirit pacification”), Kagura has evolved in many directions over the span of more than a millennium. Today it is very much a living tradition, with rituals tied to the rhythms of the agricultural calendar, as well as vibrant Kabuki-esque theater, thriving primarily in parts of Shimane prefecture, and urban centers such as Hiroshima.

Tensu Kagura There’re many types of Kagura dance. like Miko Kagura – dances performed by shrine maidens (miko), Izumo-ryū Kagura – Dances based on those performed at Izumo Shrine serve a number of purposes. With that line of naming it should be Kagura dance of Tensuu (for whatever that Tensuu means)

This is the name suggest bamboo-kin by Deifying in the sanctuary or Offering to the sanctuary.


The word to which the intellectual race besides the human.
It’s also a disparaging word of the meaning to say “Less than human”.
Other than elves and dwarves are equipped with translation items.

Demi-Human with Blond, blue eyes and a sharp ear.
The life expectancy is 3-5 times of human also excels in the magic.
They can’t live out their natural life span because of the low fertility and the inferior living environment. Since they are a beauty but live in poor security areas, They have a cruel experience.

Half elf
Half Elf and half human.
They are in the dire situations than elves, involved in a variety of trouble from the adulthood until death.
The half elf which becomes the mistress of the noble as Leila
is a very rare kind in the history of a Cepheus empire.

A short race but have the high muscle strength to make up for it.
A skillful hand that produces excellent protection armor.
They’re made a mine slave or at a human workshop.
Often work for black companies in the harsh labor environment.

With the muscular physique and more than 2 meters height.
From the image, they seem to be eating only grass, but they’re omnivorous.

Lizard Man
With the muscular physique and more than 2 meters height.
From the image, they seem to be eating only meat, but they’re omnivorous.
They’re poikilotherm, so they sensitive to cold (their movement becomes dull.)

They’re a little taller than human.
High loyalty.

Machine artisan bow
The bow which has a pulley stuck to both ends.
also called Compounding Bow.


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