Yup, still not a chapter.

Not that many people read this, but I think I should leave a note.
I have news but before that, I leave you this gorgeously cute hard working Yun.


I’m going back and forth editing old chapter (didn’t update yet) while translating a new one. so far I got 1,875 (Engrish) words done and (estimated) 5,689 words left. Since nobody says anything, I didn’t go back to re-check it. How can you let me post with that horrendous amount of mistake and typos?

form -> from
comrade -> coward 
White God -> While God Is that some kind of a new cult?

And you probably know the drill by now.
The Bad news is… I got my flight today and I haven’t packed anything yet.
The Good part is… it’s just a week this time.
still, no decent internet for a while.

Oops almost forgot
Kein‘s name ケイン read kɛjn (ref) is there any German can tell me how to write this in English. or should I leave it as is?

Edit: I’m back, but I had to wake up at 3 am for a whole week. Let me sleep a bit and I’ll see what I can do.

Edit2: I got somekind of allergic reaction. With rash fever and all that. If I die no need to burn my harddrives. I’ve got it covered long time ago.


6 thoughts on “Yup, still not a chapter.

    • Tokanya says:

      if you mean if I drop this. They ask me to translate while I have some free time, so I make it little by little. until someone pick it up. About every month or around that. should be bettr right?


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