Kuro no Senki Arc 1 Chapter 6 latter part

Author: Saito Ayumu


One week since the slave merchants were injured … … In the meantime, three new merchants were injured. When they were traveling on the highway, They testified that were attacked by a cavalry wearing a dirty leather armor so it would be no doubt it the same criminal.

“Why! Why can’t you catch those thieves!!”
Chrono was called to the office to be disturbed by a beautiful blond and shaking Tyria reprimand her subordinates.
Tyria possesses the broad sight and the ability easily to exceed Chrono, but when it became the person concerned, she suddenly becomes shortsighted.
“Tyria, calm down”
“I am calm!”
“It looks like you are going to spew the fire right now ?”
When Chrono put out a light joke, Tyria seemed to regain calm.
“… … a little emotional, forgive me”
Tyria sat deep down on a chair with a disappointed face.
“Chrono, any opinion?”
“I was waiting for that word for a week”
“There is no choice! This Cavalry is my subordinate, weren’t you just running around!”
Chrono breathed out a sigh, as it would probably say that situation right now is too many cooks spoil the broth[5].
“Thanks to you, a paper factory is ready for handing over and production was begun.”
“I don’t know what it is, but what will you do Chrono?”
“First of all, I’d strengthen the patrol of the highway”
“That’s already done.”
Tyria told me to spit it out. Well, you know that my limited subordinates can’t cover the whole area of the highway.
“If that didn’t work, I will find the base of the thieves.”
“I not so sure, but it’s hard to take care of a horse right? You need stables, food and clean water.”
“Hmm, you’re saying that the base of thieves is limited.”
That’s right Chrono float a smiled.
“As soon as thief’s base is revealed, it will be settled right away! Chrono arrange preparations immediately!”
“They are already in place”
Eh? Tyria seemed unexpected and blinking her eyes.
“I had heard a talk from a senior soldier and had an educated guess. Because I didn’t know where the thief’s spying was, it was a pain to arrange preparations.”
“Are you really Chrono?”
I can’t believe it, Tyria stared at Chrono.

Chrono’s subordinates and Tyria’s vassal group left City of Hachel in the shadow of the night.
The destination is an old fort which is 100 kilometers away from Hachel.
A fort is built on the hilltop covered by a tree up according to the aide, and there seems to be a small village in the base.
The troop of two hundred people … Chrono subordinates are The Adjutant, centurion Lizardman Lizardo, Leila, twins elves and another 150 people, but the fifty cavalry is a subordinate of Tyria.
In addition to shortening the time and preserving physical strength, Chrono’s men are ride separately in ten carriages.
“fu, fu it’s cold at night,”
“I’m not
“I am cold! You are warming up with that half-elf!”
Tyria was screaming in the carrier of a horse-drawn carriage.
“… Chrono-sama, I don’t feel cold, either.”
「「It’s warm, but my heart is frozen.」」
Chrono and Leila are wrapped in a blanket and the twin elves are wrapped in the same way. Apart from large Lizardmen and Minotaurs, people of human size use one piece of blankets.
“… Chrono-sama, May I come a little closer?”
Leila put her body in closer with him before Chrono replies.
“Ku, Chrono! t.. that half-elf looked at me and smiled!”
Chrono confirmed Leila’s expression, but she seems embarrassed and just blushing.
Well! And Tyria groaned frustratingly and wrapped herself in a blanket alone.
“Chrono, Isn’t it too few to attack the castle?”
“… I don’t intend to attack, this time there are no people dead, I will suggest them surrender.”
“You are too soft!”
Tyria shouted and thrust her finger on Chrono.
“If the sinner is not judged, no one will obey the law”
“Your Highness Princess”
“Half-elves be silent!”
“Your Highness Princess, Chrono-sama just said he will make them yield.”
Without pulling one step back, Leila met the eyes of a Tyria out front.
“What do you mean”
“If they don’t surrender themselves, we will use starvation tactics. Because there seems to be only one gate in that fort according to my adjutant. Of course, we are preparing to fight”
“by preparing, you mean that bow?”
Tyria sent a line of sight to Leila and the bow of the twin elves.
The bow has a shape like “Σ”, and a pulley is attached to the tip portion.[6]
“It is a mysterious bow, I see a bow with a pulley for the first time.”
“I made a Composite bow[7], but it can’t be drawn with the muscular strength of an elf”
Those dwarves were driven to the wall until almost dying by overwork In orders to pursue this bow, Thanks to the that. A Combination of long range and high power, the new bow that can be drawn even by the power of the elves is completed.
“I think I’ll call it a Mechanic bow.”
“Can I get on-“no””
Chrono snicker a laugh.
“How long do you think it was invested for one to make a Mechanic bow?”
“I, I’m a princess. Conceded”
“Even if you are a princess. it still no good.”
Tyria growled and I turned away as she sulked.
“Leila, let’s sleep a little.”
Embracing Leila, stroking her hair and ears, the twin elves were staring at the Chronos looking enviously envious.
“eh? what is it?”
「「 My heart is cold and it may freeze to death as it is. 」」
They harmoniously speak, and crawled all the way to Chrono and closed the distance.
「「 Therefore, we want to be caressed too 」」
“If you’re fine with that”
Chrono stretches his free arms and gently strokes one of their head.
” e, ears, stroking my ear …… name too”
“Sneak~y Deneb! I, I’m Arided! next one is me, me”
So, The person I’m stroking now seems to be Deneb.
“…… Deneb”
Talking gently and playing with her ear, Deneb moved her chin away to bear the tears.
“Next, me!”
Arided pushes Deneb.
“… Arided.”
Unlike Deneb, Arided smiled tickled. When I gently stroked, they seemed satisfied and returned to their original positions.
“Chrono-sama, your hand is stopped.”
“Oh, sorry”
That evening, Chrono kept stroking her hair and ears until Leila was satisfied.

Early morning of the next day, punitive Corps arrived in the village.
That place was the rustic village about fifty houses.
In the back, you can see a hill covered with trees, a silhouette looking like a fortress on the top.
“General, now what?”
“Mino-san and Laila standby here, if a thief appears, handles it according to circumstances.”
“We are not going to surround them?”
“That is the case. Lizardo, Deneb, and Arided come with me. … Tyria, wait here … not going to happen does it?”
Tyria wearing a silver-colored armor nodded in a rush.
When Chrono took the lead and entered the village, the villagers panicked and closed the door.
Everyone disappeared instantly and Chrono stopped at the center of the village.
“What should I do ?”
“Chrono, is there any idea?”
In RPG the village elders will come out, and Chrono turns his gaze.
“Chrono, someone is coming closer?”
“Kill? or catch?”
“There are no option to talk, isn’t it.”
Chrono stops the two who held the bow and walked over to the old man.
“Are you the noble “Did you hear about rumors that thieves are going out around here?” ”
Chrono cut in the dialog and said to the old man who had an astonishing expression plainly on his face.
“Would you let me hear the story?”
“This way please, at my house”
A place where that old man guided is a tilted house … rather a hut than a house … Lizardo and the twin elves were waiting outside. Chrono and Tyria entered the house. When Chrono and Tyria sat down on the poor chair, the old man also sits on the chair with a feeling that he said sluggishly.
“… … the thieves came to that fort around two months ago.”
When Chrono smiled, the old man began to tell the history of the past.
Immediately after the thieves occupied the fortress, the villagers also seemed to be alarmed. Some villagers tried to appeal to the Lords but decided to decide to calmly watch than to be angered and massacred.
Because the robber didn’t take away food or take away the village girl, he thought that they would go away after a while.
A month passed and a change took place. The thieves on horse joined. Even at this time, the villagers didn’t do anything.
There was no real harm because They bought the horse’s feed after paying properly.
One day a bandit brought a number of young girls.
It was also only this once that a village was disturbed. But the thief asked sincerely to put the girls in the village. they say that they were slaves who were slaves against their will.
Although They could not afford it, the villagers decided to hide those girls.
It is a remote village. There were also villagers who sold their daughters to slave merchants. That guilt made them hide those girls.
“I understand the circumstances, but we have to subdue a thief, you may be charged for a crime, but I don’t want to do that, so I will discuss with the thieves’ boss. Will you give me an opportunity? ”
” …Yes ”
The old man hung his head feebly.
“Will you give me the opportunity to talk? That is a threatening”
When I got out of the house of an old man, Tyria mimics the words of Chrono.
“Anything unusual?”
“the daughter of this village has big breasts, and a butt too”
“I feel like my breasts grew a little, but I lost confident a bit there”
Listening to the 2 people outside, Chrono bitterly smiled.
An old man came out of the house after a while turned his eyes to Chrono for a moment and walked towards the fort.
“Mino-san, Laila … moved the troops to the foot of the hill”
took out the crystal for communication, Chrono ordered.

Chrono formed a battle array so that the way from the gate of a fort to the base of a hill might be blocked up.
The Vanguard is a demihuman led by Lizardo, and a rearguard is a mixed unit of elves and half-elves led by Laila.
While setting up, Tyria’s men are waiting further behind.
It was around time for a simple lunch that the old man came back from the fort.
“…… They want a small number of people to come and negotiate.”
“Chrono, it’s a trap”
“If you do not enter the tiger’s cave, you will not catch its cub. right?”[8]
When Chrono look around, Leila walks out.
“Chrono-sama, please take me.”
Unconsciously, Chrono nearly clicked his tongue.
If this is a trap, they will be left behind inside the fort in small numbers. Chrono, a man, will only be killed, but Layla will not be killed. So he decided not to take any female soldier,
“I understand that Chrono-sama is worried, but I am prepared from the time I left the town of Hachel.”
Leila pulled out a dagger and applied to her neck.
“This body belongs to Chrono-sama to the strand of a hair, I choose death rather than it’s soiled by someone else.”
Leila didn’t even show the signs of fascination and declared indifferently.
Chrono was desperate to suppress his anger.
That was anger to his weakness which presses her for such resolution, not anger to Leila.
“Leila, Put a dagger back.”
“Yes sir”
Chrono tracing the wound on his right eye with his finger.
“Leila, Lizardo, Come with me,”
“Yes sir”
“…… acknowledge”
Led the two people, climbing the hill.
The road to the fort was the width that two horses barely passed.
If it’s quite steep and boulder can be prepared, even large demihuman can be blown.
When Chrono arrived, a gate opened while creaking with GIIIII. Inside of the gate was wide, and fifty horses were eating fodder at a shabby stable inside the gate.
The gaze that is colored by hostility and excitement.
The former is fixed into Chrono and Lizardo, the latter is pierced into Layla.
Chrono found a face that he knew among thieves but ignored.
“As promised, only a few people came!”
When Chrono lifted his voice, the building in the center … there was only one stone building … opening the door… and a man came out.

The man walked over to Chrono with a big stride and floated the smile full of wildness.
It’s vague whether his age reaches thirty or lower. His height is one head higher than Chrono by the head, muscles like steel cover the whole body. A lot of scratches were engraved on the copper-red skin to tell the number of ordeals which he has been so far. If you think what kind of violent face it is, it is a sharp eye, but it is refreshing as a whole.
“I’m the head of this bandit group, Cain[9]. Actually, they are also doing mercenaries … That’s the story, don’t you go inside?”
Chrono set foot on a fort while being suggested by Cain.
The inside of the fort is not separated by a wall, there is a big table in the center, there are beds at both ends. Perhaps he may have repaired the fort that was abandoned at a rather old age.
Cain kept his subordinates out of the table with a glance and sat down tightly.
“Why did you come here?”
Cain said with his hands folded.
“It’s a surrender proposal.”
“If you are an average Noble, you’ll attack without saying anything, A small crafty one will overlook us once we paid the money, but you are the first noble who said such a thing for the first time”
Cain floated smile with a broad grin.
“Why is it?”
“I don’t want to kill anyone. If you surrender here, I think a crime may be reduced.”
“Haa, You think you’ve won already? ”
“That’s right, it’s your loss.”
As Crono said, an expression went off from Cain’s face.
“We only have to watch the entrance to the fort and just wait for you to starve and die, you knew that, so you responded to the discussion?”
“I might have tried to lure you by responding to the negotiations, trying to trap you.”
Whey their face matched, Chrono and Cain laughed.
“You were not as stupid as I heard, as we said, we are over at the time the foothold has been comprehended, we are over.”
Cain shrugged his shoulders exaggeratedly.
“However because I have to persuade my company, won’t you give time to me until tomorrow? Of course, I won’t make you wait freely. the price will be prepared accordingly.”
Chrono breathed out and rose from its seat.
“I will be waiting at the gate of the fortress at this time tomorrow.”
“Oh, I will pick you up alone.”
He looked over Cain over his shoulder, and Chrono went outside with Laila and Lizardo.
“…… Chrono”
“Oh, you?”
Calling his name, Chrono stopped his feet.
Male …… I forgot the name, but there is a memory that I saw his face at the Marquis Erakis house …… He approached Chrono and smacked his shoulders honestly.
“They said you drove the Argo Kingdom”
“You are … Why are you a thief?”
“I noticed when the Marquis of Elakis ran away. That the nobles of the Kapheus Empire no longer has the power to protect the country.”
You must be a noble too, and Chrono muttered in my heart.
“Well, I guess you know Chrono, is not this country already done, so it should be rebuilt Anew in the country where the effort is rewarded”
“Are you collecting funds for that? ”
“Now it is a small thief party if you cooperate … oh yea, you are managing the Marquis of Erakis, can you think about it?
“Just thinking”
When leaving the gate, Leila cuddled up with Chrono.
“The story just now, Will you take part in it?”
“I don’t.”
Chrono replies, Leila exhaled as if he was relieved.
“How did Leila think?”
“I can trust the story that Chrono-sama came from a different world compared to that man’s story.”
“… you didn’t believe it.”
“I, it’s a too crazy story I couldn’t have. ”
Leila seemed sorry and looked down.
“Well, we have to get ready for tomorrow”

On the next day, Chrono began climbing the fort’s slope at the appointed time. The settlement team’s position remains the same as yesterday, but we have decided how to deal with emergencies.
“Yo, I was waiting.”
When Chrono finished climbing the slope, Cain stood alone in front of the gate.
He looks decidedly prepare, he shaves his stubble and looking clean. The gate was opened to show the intention of surrender, and many thieves gazed at Cain with a godly looking face.
However, about twenty thieves settled in heavy equipment and were riding on horses.
“Please don’t worry about the fellows riding a horse. That I prepare when you didn’t keep your promise”
“Well, if I break my promise”
“Ah, if you aren’t satisfied with my neck, they seem to be going to fight.”
“As I said so, are they ready to escape?”
“What …!”
Chrono stood aside to protected Cain. In the next moment, an arrow that a cavalry had released struck in the chest of Chrono. Twenty cavalry rush into the gate as the sign. Without understanding the situation, Cain’s men were bounced off.
“Damn it! I didn’t give such a command!”
Cain was trying to stop the cavalry by his body, but the weight is too different. A charge spear approaches Cain. Chrono grabbed Cain’s arm by a hairsbreadth and dived in the thicket. Entangled, the two rolled down the slope.

Again, Chrono’s expectations were right.
“… … coming”
“Keep up with the shield! Preparations are complete, Laila!”
“Of course.”
Leila stood in the front row … in front of the shield, quietly waiting for that time.
Thieves’ horse is a military horse trained to not be frightened when hearing a loud noise.
As I saw it yesterday, I was carefully taken care of, if they used the momentum going down the slope, they could easily break down the enclosure built like the large fans.
The cavalry runs down the slope.
“Dancing Flame!”
Spell imprinted in the brain is expanded. Characters slide down in sight like a waterfall, and the completed spell converts Layla’s magical power into a physical phenomenon. An exploding sound and a crimson flame burst from under the military horse. Even though you say that you are trained, horses are horses. It falls into a panic with the sound and flame that occurred suddenly and goes crazy as it swings the jockey away.
“Crush them! ”
” “” “” Oh! “” ”
Large demihuman rushed in with adjutant’s order while keeping a shield. The horse which loses the speed and rampages is pushed towards a shield and stands on the hind legs. When large demihuman pushed the shield the horses lost their balance and fell down while catching the jockey.
But only five have been knocked down. The following cavalry tried to slip through a disordered enclosure, but the next moment, some of the upper body blown away and some had the bones crushed by the head of the horse. hit by the aide’s poleaxe and the Lizardo hammer[10] directly from the front.
“O Wind! ” (mooo)
“… thunder!”
A wind blade that came from a poleaxe cuts the remaining cavalry and the thunder born from great hammer pierces the cavalry.
Ten of the horsemen’s turn into corpse the blink of an eye. The remaining five forget what they were doing and ran up the hill.
「「 Take this” 」」
Deneb and Arided who stood up from the bushes release the arrows. the horsemen can’t evade and got shot as they then fell to the ground.
The arrows of the two would have been blocked by the armor they wear, except it was due to a mechanic bow.
The remaining three climb up the hill. And was blown away by countless casks that fell out of the slope on the hill.

“I thought I was going to die …”
“Ah, my bad.”
Chrono went down the hill while lending a shoulder to Cain who hurt his leg. Both of them rolled down the thicket and was full of scratches, but there is nothing life threatening.
Descending from the slope, the battle already …… so calling a one sided massacre closed the curtain. Three men were surrounded by demihumans.
One of them is the guy he met yesterday and the other two Chrono, feel like he saw them at the Marquis Erakis territory.
“Chrono-sama, a… arrow!”
“Oh, this?”
Chrono pulled out an arrow which sticks in a chest.
“I’m not injured.”
Although the tip stuck in, Chrono was unharmed thanks to the armor and the chain armor underneath.
“Chrono Crawford! I! I challenge you. If I win! let me go!”
“Lizardo, this guy”
When Chrono orders Cain and Lizardo and raises his hand, the circle breaks.
Chrono confronted the man and pulled out the sword from his back.
“There was something I wanted to hear before the dual, was that what was saying yesterday is true?”
“Yes, I realized the day Marquis Erakis ran away … Nobility …… The senior aristocrats were not thought about the people they exaggerate exploited. Sorry but I am going to die for such guys!”
“Where were you going to escape with the stolen money? ”
“A free city-state group. If you have money, luxurious life can be fully enjoyed there. The other guys thought the same! ”
” …Archer ”
When Crono took a hand, the bow troops set their bows all at once.
“Chrono, this is not what you promise!”
“… kill them”
An arrow that is released floods, those three men. The man bent himself with a desperate appearance but still, he was showered by arrows without hesitation.
“… …. Chrono, you, you,”
Chrono calmly looked down at the man who spilled the word of a curse in the blood pool.
“… Chrono, I’ll wait in hell”
“I’m a Buddhist. The destination of hell is different from you.”
Chrono put the sword in the sheath and stared at Cane.
“I will not be shut up, I will give you my neck, so please just help my men’s life. They are poor guys, they lost their homes and their families, they were robbed … … Oh, but they went on the rob side.”
Cain got away from Lizardo and kneeled down and hung his head.
“Why did you become a thief?”
“A usual thing. When a tax couldn’t be paid anymore by a poor crop, my father and a mother went to ask a Lord to reduce a tax.”
“That is … Marquis Erakis territory? ”
Cain shook his head.
“My father and mother were killed, they seemed to have been killed by spears as soon as they asked for tax relief. I and my sister ran away in the village, my sister died on the way and I was picked up by a mercenary group While gathering mercenaries and thieves, I gathered people of similar circumstances … I knew they were being deceived.”
“Can you ride a horse? ”
“I said we are also doing mercenaries?”
Chrono unties his sword belt.
“Cain, raise your face”
“…… tsu!”
He threw a sword to Cain with a sword belt.
“If you’re going to die, come with me, I wanted people who can ride horses, also if you are familiar with the dark side business, I would like to have you as a consult.”
” …… I’m just a dirty thief. ”
“You’re my subordinates, haven’t you received a sword?”
“This … …! ”
Cain gazed at the Emperor’s emblem engraved on the handle of the sword and the Chrono alternately.
“Oh, it seems that the first Marquis of Erakis was given from the Emperor”
“Ordinary nobles treat it as a family heirloom, Chrono?”
Words come out from Tyria who came out unnoticed. Chrono shrugged his shoulders.
“Will you tell me a reply right now?”
A long, long time passed, Cain nodded.

On the next day, Chrono who finished the post-processing secluded himself in his room and tilting the glass.
“Ha~i, Chrono-sama, your own hostess[11] coming to drink together with you.”
“but I feel like drinking alone?”
“Something is more delicious when drinking with two people you know.”
She poured a wine into the glass she had in her hand and seem to drink it deliciously.
“Pu ~hah, as expected of a nobleman! You drink a good wine!”
She pours a wine into the glass and presses her body weight on the desk.
“Well, are you suffering?”
“… I know that it’s inevitable even if I am worried, but it can’t be helped right?”
“Here, This hostess will cheer you up. Come over here … come here I said!”
Suddenly she took hold of Chrono by force, then excitedly laughed.
“… … don’t tell me you’re drunk?”
“just a little bit”
She gently stroked Chrono’s head as if to cradled a child.
“There are times when a man want to be spoil as well right? It is a condition of a good woman to try to sense and spoiled them”
“I want to be spoil forever”
Chrono timidly turned his hand to the hip of her.
“It is the condition of a good woman to beat such a man’s ass”
She pulled his hand to the chin of Chrono, and flash a glamorous smile.
“… …. Occasionally, such a night is not bad, is that right ?”
“That’s right.”
That night, Chrono was spoiled a lot by her.

I wish there is Editor guild or something. Imagine a place with a bunch of Grammar Nazis. Throwing papers at each other. Debating about grammar and stuff.
You walk right in, send your paper and they put their name on then edit your things.

No, I’m not asking for one. At most I might look for a re-host where someone can edit it for me. I have a totally non-schedule release. next one can be next week or next month.

Next one will be Glossary & Character introduction.
Which I will use as a standard for names and such from now on.

[5] 船頭多くして船山に登る idiom. lit. “too many boatmen climb on a mountain of boats” I have a “what the hell” moment there.
[8]虎穴に入らずんば虎児を得ず Nothing ventured, nothing gained. https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Japanese_proverbs
[9]ケイン (Cain, Caine, Kain, Kane) https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ケイン
[10]Great Hammer? do we have a proper name for this kind of big ass Hammer?

[11] Okami – as in ‘hostess’


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