Kuro no Senki Arc 1 Chapter 6 first part

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Author: Saito Ayumu


Episode 6 “Thieves”

In the Marquis Elakris house … Chrono listens to Elena and Okami talking in the former accountant room. He really just listening, lie on a sofa and just looking at the bunch of papers on the table.

Sneaking a glance at Elena.

The skin which was covered with bruises has become transparency white, a hair that has been covered with blood and dust also regains the original dark blond color.

She looks lean rather smart than a skinny figure. Because of the freckles around the nose, she looks like a character appearing in old animation.

In order to grasp the financial situation of Marquis Erakis territory, Elena reads a ledger book hungrily from the morning of the day before.

Her eyes glare like when Okami-san tempting Chrono, They’re shining, and to be honest SCARY.

Chrono heaving a heavy sigh, I guess she’s thinking about revenge.
In any case, He wonders if there is some intention for the collar which Elena wore voluntarily.

“… What are these cooking stove tax and firewood tax?”
“Like a letter says. A cooking stove and firewood, Even when you cross the bridge or even the newlyweds will have their first night. you need to pay a tax here.”
When Elena asked with a dubious face, Okami-san replied with what she said as it is normal.

“I’m surprised that they no one rebel like this. Because of taxes, taxes, taxes from the cradle to the graveyard, I’m so sick of this current Lord”

“It wasn’t to the extent to rebel because it wasn’t that high amount. But before you know it customers are few, thanks to that it piles up to large debts of 100 gold coins.”
Remembered the period of debt payment, Okami-san deeply sigh.

“If you raise your taxes, consumption will be restrained, and if consumption is reduced, producers’ income will also decrease, so if customers can not afford it, customers will be less.”

While remembering the consumption tax and tobacco price increases, Chrono told her.
“Yo… no, Chrono-sama is a soft person but isn’t stupid hah. Then, what are you going to do?”[1]
“I will abolish taxes that I don’t understand and I will lower the other taxes that are too high.”
“Why did you not become a Lord sooner. ”
When Chrono said so, Okami was grinding her teeth frustrating.
“Then … … the tax revenue will be reduced by 30,000 gold coins, and it will be a little over 600,000 coins”
Elena looks at the books with a serious look, but she does not seem to be dissatisfied.
“As we are harvesting wheat in July, a tax will be paid in October, so we will be fine as long as there is nothing serious.”
“If it going well, handing over should be finished within this month?”

Chrono took the prototype paper, lift it up without any meaning.

“… what, is paper so unusual?”
“No, because I made paper at my workshop, I thought how I could mass produce.”
Hah? Elena quickly approached Chrono and picked up a piece of paper placed on the table.
“… … I can’t believe it!”
“Isn’t there a large amount of paper here?”
Elena is opening his eyes wide in surprise, but the Okami-san seems not so interested.
Still, whether pick up in curiosity from Chrono, Okami-san picked up the paper placed on the table.
“I think the shade of the feel is different subtly.”
“Though a paper process should be concealed, did a dwarf make this?”
“I explained in a very brief explanation … It was a terribly brief description …. wait… that didn’t count as description, that’s all credit to centurion’s captain.”
When you boiled plant, you can make paper. Chrono is not shameless enough to put out his chest just by doing this explanation.

“But, how is it made?”
“What captain said is to steam a bark of the tree, then immersed it in water, stripped and stewed with water mixed with the ash of the tree … of various kind, Mixture became like cotton in water, If it’s done splash it on a wooden frame and done?”[2]

He received a detailed explanation from the centurion dwarf captain and also reports on paper, He can explain this much without looking.

“Hah, so you can make paper from tree bark”
“b.. but, isn’t it expensive?”
“I don’t think so, Assume I hire 10 people with 1 silver coin a day. about two thousand four hundred pieces of paper can be made. so the original prize is about a brass coin”
“Isn’t it thirty to one of a parchment!”
“It is more convenient than parchment because it can be easily rewritten even if you make a mistake”

Chrono took the paper from a table while glancing sideways at Elena.
The appearance and the feel are similar to Japanese paper.
Although saying how much it close to Japan paper, He had no connection with Japanese paper manufacturer. To see a self-made Japanese paper in the different world, there was a strange feeling.

“Yo … not, what is Chrono-sama thinking?”
“I’d like to enrich the territory as a lord and I am thinking that I want my subordinates to be happy”
“So small …… ouch! ”
When Elena speak with that tone. Okami-san smacks Elena’s head.
“Why did you hit me!”
“Did you not listen to Chrono-sama wonderful speech! why are you frustrated with this wonderful Lord?”
“This gu… no. Chrono-sama is lacking ambition, This “Paper” is a something that can make a huge profit! ”
Elena shouted at Chrono.
For Elena who is an avenger, Chrono with low ambition would be a hard-to-use opponent.
If she dressed up a bit more and concealed her vengeance, I may be lured for her revenge indeed, but from the perspective of Chrono the current Elena is a very manageable servant.

It was then that Leila’s voice echoed from the communication crystal.


“I would like to leave it to Leila if it’s about food?’
I guess her head was good from the beginning. In only one and a half months, Leila is able to do simple reading and writing and elementary grade level math.

If it keeps as it is, She may be able to acquire elementary school graduation level academic ability in half a year.

“That’s not it! The peddler was hit by a thief! It seems that they get just a shallow wound, but now, Tyria princess’ s secretary is listening to the situation at the office.”
“I will go now”
Jumped up, Chrono ran out of the room.

Although I say I’ll go immediately, the office in the edge part outside the town was too far. For some reason, there are no horses in the stables of the Marquis. When Chrono arrived at the office, the exhausted merchant comes out of the room.

“Oh, Chrono-sama!”
As he saw Chrono, the merchant kneeled on the spot.
There aren’t a lot of merchants who know a face Chrono.

Merchants who sold the property of Marquis Erakis, stakeholders of PIXs’ business, Miles of a prostitution manager, and This slave merchant who clench Chrono’s hand in tears.

“Chrono-sama, everything was robbed by thieves! Please, Please take back the goods!”
“Ah, yeah, I will try”
“The slaves that taken away … …”

Chrono had no choice but to answer ambiguously to slave merchants explaining the features of the slaves that were robbed with gestures and hands.
They have big boobs, her butt is big, even if you explain such thing, that would be a problem.
Still, Chrono can not handle it insignificantly because a slave merchant is a proper merchant.

As a person who knows Elena, I don’t have a good feeling for him, but this man respects the law stipulated by the empire and pays his tax properly.

Thank you, please, slave merchant said repeatedly, and then I walked away from the place.

“…… Chrono-sama”
“Thank you for reporting, Leila”
“No, it’s a natural obligation ”
When Chrono stroked her cheeks and played with her pointed ears, Leila narrowed her eyes comfortably.

Cool appearance and lovely inside[3], the gap are irresistible.
I want to keep playing with her ears forever, but Chrono takes his hand off Leila’s ear. The twin elves looked envious of Laila from the shadow of the building.
Leila came to the senses, seemed embarrassed and looked down immediately.

“Are there a lot of thieves around here?”
“Since I was assigned to Elakis Marquis, the thieves were only executed once.”

The fact to which It is unusual for merchants to be attacked outside the city. Chrono folded his arm. As far as I hear the reputation, Marquis of Erakis seems to not laid the good policies, and the thief should be inside of the city instead.

“After all, is the matter of the Holy Argo Kingdom influenced too?”
“What kind of thing is it?”
The question was returned by the question, Chrono has a bitter smile.
“They’re subdued once and they think an army was watching, so they didn’t form a group so far. However because the Marquis of Erakis army ran away at that time, The thief’s wariness may be loosened.”
That his expectation in the end, but, Chrono shrugged his shoulders.

“You’re late, Chrono!”
“… There was no horse.”
Turning back while making excuses, Tyria placed an abundant breast on the poor window frame and was staring at Chrono.

“Didn’t you just talking with the half-elf there?”
Trying a sweet look at Tyria, Leila fell as frightened.
“Leila, I was sorry to stop calling you. ”
“Ha ha, I will excuse you.”
When Kurono gently talked to him, Leila bowed and ran to the twin elves. Why are you hurting Layla, right? And Chrono tilted his head.
“What is the details of the incident?”
“Let’s talk inside”
When entering the office room, the line of sight of Tyria’s subordinates concentrates on Chrono. Although it is not a friendly atmosphere, Chrono ignored it and sat down in the chair which is vacant.

“From what my subordinates interrogated … The merchant seems to be attacked by a cavalry Oh, it is not a heavy cavalry to say a cavalry, they just wearing thin dirty leather armor”
Though Tyria wasn’t investigated by herself, she still threw out her chest. *BURIN* The breasts that pop up were dazzling.
“A fallen mercenary or camouflaged?”
“Why do they need to camouflage?”
Chrono muttered Tyria tilted her head curiously.
“My colleague has disappeared. At worst, I thought that they have disguised themselves as a bandit.”
“Shouldn’t you think it was attacked by a Bandit more than someone camouflage as one? ”
“b … but maybe Tyria know what happened to my colleagues?”
“I don’t know. because I got my hand full just to put my company together.”
Tyria said like it is someone else problem.
“Huh, maybe I have to ask Marquis Erakis?”
Eh? Chrono asked again unconsciously.
“I said, Marquis of Erakis drank a poison and died the so-called poisoning suicide.”
“It’s better if you do not commit misappropriation of public money if you going to commit suicide”
That there was a delicate topic, Chrono had no choice but to sigh.
“Well, I was saved because I could save the trouble of torture.”
“… It may have been the right answer by committing suicide.”
His finger crawls around his right eye’s wound, Chrono lightly muttered.

When Chrono returned to the former account room, Elena was struggling with ledger by herself.
There is no sign of Okami-san maybe she’s getting lunch ready.
“What about thieves?”
“Actually ……”
he briefly explains the circumstances.
“Awesome, That what they got for hitting me! serves you right! Slave traders”
The above is Elena’s reaction.
serves you right! serves you right! Chrono lay on a sofa while casting a side glance at Elena who repeats it.
“but I can’t be as happy as you are.”
“Why is that?”
Elena shrugged her brows and stared at Chrono.
“If it’ll be a rumor that thieves will come out on the highway, the flow of things and gold will be lost. ”
Elena leaked a voice as she was impressed, sitting on the sofa where Chrono is lie down.
“Are you really a noble?”
“a full-fledged nobleman” although adopted, Chrono added it in his heart.
“To be honest, I don’t think that Chrono-sama is an aristocrat, it is not like a noble to be in contact with the commoner or even the subhuman subordinate without discrimination, and believing that you would buy me that was so ragged, or to make a half-elf a mistress I can not get it.”
Elena set out and stared at Chrono.
“Here, I appreciate what you did, so … understand …?”
Elena whispered to tempt him, But Chrono did not miss the moment where Elena’s eyes shone.
“It’s enough to just do the accounting work.”
“Haa? you’re getting on with the half-elf, but don’t want to be with me!”
Elena grabbed his collar, Chrono body stiffen.
“If a woman with ulterior motives so apparent… I’ll pass.”
“I… isn’t it’s a good deal! You can do it with a quasi-noble like me with no problem later!”
Women are scary, Chrono has such impressions at the time while being quivered.
Haa, haa, Elena takes a short rest while heaving breathing.
Chrono catches her off guard and raises his body and pins Elena down.
“…..h… hey?”
Elena was surprised her eyes become white, but it is not so complicated. Simply, there is too much difference in physical strength between Chrono and Elena.
“What is the meaning of this?”
“I just tried to show my gratitude too.”
“Didn’t you say that my ulterior motives are downright transparent?”
When Chrono lightly pull the collar, Elena screamed a small shriek.
“It’s fine to pull on the collar, but please don’t hit me, please? please?”
Completely change, the color of fright appears in Elena’s eyes.
When you can suffer so plainly, you stimulate sadistic desire conversely.
When she clearly frightened, it conversely stimulates his sadistic desire.
“I will not hit you”
“… …. hyuu!”
When Chrono traces from her neck to the navel with his index finger, Elena screams exaggeratingly and shivers her body.
“but I will bite I, WILL, BITE, YOU”[4]
“Ki … kyaaaaa”
When Chrono bit her scruff, Elena raised the squeal which also has no fragments of an ambition. It is a degree of sweet biting, but the reaction is too extreme, either because of the experiences made by a slave merchant.
At the beginning, Elena tried to throw away Chrono but soon Elena lost all her strength from her arm. When Chrono released her body, Elena was breathing roughly.
“If I learn a lesson from this, don’t provoke so much.”
“i… I understood”
t…t, this pervert! Elena stood up to push Chrono away and falling on her rear without even walking three steps.
“You Okay?”
“b, because you bit me, so my waist gave out!”
Did I make her too scared?
Chrono lied on the sofa again and looked up at the ceiling.
“…… Thieves hah, this will be troublesome ”
Chrono’s anxiety will be a hit.



This chapter is about 7000 words long. Instead of waiting for another month, let’s break it into 2 parts. it will be quite bit and pieces since I translate a few line per day whenever I have time between works. (like thief and bandit both are the same thing)

Edit: look like NU bot put this chapter in before I add it myself. It list as chapter 6. not Chapter 6 first part. if I add latter part then what will happened? I’ll look into this later then GtG.

[1] Anta, a bit rude way to address someone – http://lang-8.com/135694/journals/674377

[2] If you can’t go to sleep until you know how it really made. go here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLXfVEsLI-qQkngX0_oNPTGCW5HKfauQf

[3] ‘Deredere’ I did ponder for a while then I choose lovely. more at https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/tsundere/ I want to use Wikipedia link at first but then I saw Tsumiki in the thumbnail, so why not?

[4] One of the rare moment he use ‘ore’ (a muscular way of calling himself) normally this guy use ‘boku’


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