Kuro no Senki Arc 1 Chapter 5

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Author: Saito Ayumu

Episode 5 “Slave Market”

Why am I? in such a place? Elena Graffias(*) hugged her knees in the dark.

If she opens her arms, her fingertip would touch a rugged wall. It’s a dark narrow space shut in a darkness where she can’t even walk three steps.

Elena Grafias was born as a daughter of an associated-aristocrat. Although the semi – nobility is only a title given to landlords and farmers, Her father steadily managed the territory and built estate beyond the lower aristocrats out there.

He was a conservative person, but at the same time, he was a flexible thinker. Because he was such a father when Elena who was 14 years old decided to study abroad, He saw her off pleasantly.

Elena studied abundantly with free country city group where she went abroad. Exotic language, customs, and culture. arithmetic was also her interest field.

Three years passed, Elena was told of the death of her father. Elena returned home without taking anything. It was so busy in post-processing of transactions having no time to feel sad.

Soon, her uncle becomes her father’s successor. At first, no, there was not any problem from the beginning to the end. Phillip, a fiancé reunited for the first time in three years, gently cared for her and her uncle also kind.

Elena was kidnapped when she finally tried to recover from her father’s death.

The thieves attacked the mansion. Killed all the servants and sold Elena to slave merchants. There were many girls who were kidnapped by slave merchants like Elena.

At first, She thinks that human feelings remained in them too.
They cried, even sometimes resisted. But, being beaten many times, they gradually lost hope.

Elena still resisted to the end.

Eventually, the slave merchant changed his attitude towards Elena and result in her beaten many times with a stick. The slave merchant began to hit Elena without reason.

When violence and pain became normal, Elena realized that she was being made an example.

“I … want to die”
My body hurts and I don’t know where it hurts. I still have value as a product, but I do not know what to do if it is unsold. Rape will be done. Some of the body may be cut off.
“Philip, I’m scared”
Elena held his knees and shed tears.

“Chrono-sama, today’s breakfast is soft white bread and fish soup”
Speak in a sweet voice, Okami lined a dish on the table.
For some reason, she is wearing a maid clothes whose breasts are wide open.

“Kuu, Chrono … didn’t you train your employees ”
“because I haven’t been trained, yet”(1)

Tyria who sitting across has an expression like chewing on a dozen of bitter bugs. Similar to Tyria’s maidservant which looks uncomfortably at the state of Okami.

“Shall we eat, Chrono-sama?”(2)
“… I can eat by myself.”(3)
Chrono tore up a bread in small pieces and carried that to his mouth.
“Is it delicious?”
“Stange, I can’t feel the taste,”
Oh? And she embraced Chrono from behind, caressing Chrono.
“I have a request, will you listen?”

“If just listen.”
“Raise my salary “rejected” ”
She stops caressing.
“My wage- “rejected” ”
che, She moves away from Chrono with a click of a tongue.
“Can’t you be nice and listen to the end?”
“Haven’t you made a monthly contract with one gold coin and ten silver coins?”
“That’s right, that amount of money, But for that amount, it will take five years to repaying my debt, and reopen the store.”

Put her arms behind the head(4), she seems dissatisfied and pouts her lips.
“Wait until the next year spring to negotiate on raising wages, Good enough?”
“Stingy Chrono-sama!”

Spitting a child speech, she went out from the dining room.

“Because you’re too lenient, even a commoner grows impudent.”
“She’s quite excellent, though”

For years, as she has been managing her store, Okami is very good.
Since she can read simple letters and do basic arithmetic. I can entrust the management of ingredients to her. Because she is motivated to reopen the store. She is serious at work and also enthusiasm to increase the repertoire of dishes in case of reopening.

The only Problem is her attempt to create a chance to fait accompli, where she requested a wage increase entwined in it.(5)

“By the way, is today’s schedule free? perhaps, If you have time-”
“I have an appointment with Nikolas-san of Pics firm today.”
That’s so, Tyria muttered with disappointingly.

“But, what kind of promise are you making with a merchant?”
“Purchasing slaves”
“s slave?”
with eyes open in surprise, Tyria jumped from the chair.
“I’m looking for a person that can do accounting. After all, it’s hard to find one without a connection. So, I decided to look from another source”
“so so it is that  …… kind of thing, I’m relieved”

Did she think I will buy a slave for a questionable purpose? Chrono drinks the remaining soup.

According to Nicolas, Slave trade isn’t frequently performed in the city of Hashal. Because there isn’t a large demand, but with some constant demand, A slave trade will be held once a month.

Guided by Nicolas, Chrono reached one of the taverns in the commercial district. Where normally the wealthy people of Erakis Marquis territory used as gentleman’s social gatherings. … in short, it is a high-class brothel … so that they heal the daily fatigue.

Nicolas talked with the armed gatekeeper, and Chrono went into the building. When he passed through the lobby where an expensive carpet was spread, There was a hall. There is a full-fledged counter bar, several sofas which seem expensive, there is also a small stage. Encouraged by Nicolas, Chrono sat down on a sofa near the stage.

“It is a pretty good seat.”
“I think it’s because they want to be acquaintance Chrono-sama”
Because Nicolas who have never bought slaves before will participate, it’s natural to doubt the existence of Chrono. For an owner of a respectable management sense, a proprietor of this brothel would make preparations to make himself known.

“Is that perhaps Baron Crawford?”
“No, sorry”
A voice was heard with a tone that was quite acting, and Chrono instantly denied it.
“Ha ha ha, no use hiding …… although you dress as a commoner, looking at your right eye, a man who doesn’t know Chrono-sama can not be called a merchant.”

Tracing a scar with his finger, Chrono breathed a sigh.
“He is a manager of this social gathering place “I was called Miles.” ”
A strong presence, Chrono stared at Miles.
Is he in the latter half thirties? some of his Brown’s hair comb to his back, he has a smart body and somewhat muscular and looks so sharp that can not be seen as the merchant.

“Chrono-sama, What kind of slave are you looking for?”
“… a well-educated slave.”
“However, it is Chrono-sama first time to buy a slave, is it not difficult to find one?”

Chrono gave a bitter smile on Miles’s explicit sales.
“I’ll be glad If you could help explain at the time of purchase?”
“Of course, I will do my best”

Miles declared vigorously and sat down next to Chrono.
“That’s right, from where did slaves come from?”
“I just offered a”Place”, so I don’t know in-depth, but a slave seems to be stocking using various variations. There are a few daughters sold in debt, there are not a few daughters sold without knowing anything, but sex slaves are a better category than other slaves.”

When saying that Miles’s word is right, it’s right, but unless he’s living more miserable, a sold person wouldn’t think so.

While Chrono makes a silly statement with Nicolas and Miles, seats are being filled one by one.

The slave auction began when the seat was half filled, but Chrono soon regretted that he should have left it to Nikolas.

A slave girl appears from the stage wing, taken by a man who is a slave merchant.

To show the growth of the girl, she is wearing one piece of cloth. When a girl walks along the stage, he can see undeveloped breasts and pale pubic hair from the side. It looks like a show, but the eyes of the girl are stained with sadness and despair. It increases every time a girl walks forward, reaches a peak after being stripped naked on the stage.

“… … What about the unsold slave?”
“If there is a prospect, they will be going to next city as well … If they have no prospects … do you understand ?”

Miles floated cruel smile.

Because a visitor returns when achieving the purpose, as time has passed, it becomes more disadvantage.

“Well, next … seems to be unlikely to meet Chrono’s expectations.”

… … Philip, Philip, Philip. Elena muttered the name of her fiancées many times,
I began to feel confident that Philip will open the door. Since he was a small aristocrat he has learned swordsmanship. These thugs should be easy to cut down.

So, it will be Philip that opens that door. My engagement was decided by my parents, but there must be love among us.

The light of the torch baked retina of Elena who saw Philip’s illusion there and smiled thinly, but it was the slave merchant’s subordinate who opened the door.

“No, don’t come!”
The slave merchants’ subordinates beat Elena’s cheeks in a troublesome manner. Iron smell tastes stimulated her tongue.

Elena realized the meaning of being beaten. It is probable that slave merchants’ subordinates realized from experience of many years that There is no value in Elena.

Looking at the dirty foot with excrement, Elena moaned in despair.
I didn’t grasp the reality.
I shouldn’t be stubborn.
There was a chance to run away if I was bought as a slave.
Although I could not escape, I should have grasped the opportunity to explain the circumstances.
The trivial pride was spread and a chance was crushed by herself.
There was a slave merchant who had a disgusting smile at the place where I went up the stairs.
“Please, allowed me to bathe, no one will buy me in this state”
“It is not much different even you bathed, Look!”
Elena was knocked down and saw herself who sit there in the mirror.
“… …. Such a terrible”
Elena reflected in a big mirror had no former images.
The hair was messy and skin was blackish by a bruise, a left eye was closed by a swelling eyelid half. The slave merchant laughed.
“It seems you thought you were smart, but other slaves were many times smarter”
It so because you don’t listen to what I say, the slave traders laughed.
“Now, go up to the stage quickly, if the buyer does not buy, I will kill you with this hand.”

Even a tear withered up completely in despair, and Elena appeared on the stage.

It is the end, Elena also looked visitors which less than ten by her hollow eyes.

nN, Miles’ finger that had turned over the roster and was stopped.
“… … Next is the last slave.”
“Is there something wrong?”
Miles showed Chrono a roster that would be a trade secret. It is written that the name “Elena” is superior in languages and arithmetic in the roster, but other descriptions are missing.
“Slave merchants are strongly outstanding among merchants and is greedy. Even ordinary merchants will not spare trouble if goods can be sold a little higher, as they seem to be missing their work, I just felt somewhat unnatural.”
I see, and Chrono was impressed by Miles.
“It will be the last if this slave would meet Chrono-sama’s goal …!”
“What’s wr …!”
When Chrono and Miles saw the last slave.
Chrono and Miles lost their voices. Other guests as well.

The last slave …… Elena was dreadful.
Her skin is covered up by a dark bruise, and the eyelid swollen out weirdly closes her left eye. Hair that is painted in blood and dust make the original color unknown, and it has a bad smell to make one nausea. The visitor who stayed averted his eyes from Elena seemed uncomfortable and rose from their seat. Elena who finished walking the stage even tossed off poor clothes and was staring at the void.

“Apparently, the Elena girl seems to be a bad product for slave merchants,”

fuu, Miles threw up a sigh.

“Will you buy it or will you wait for the next opportunity?”
“I understand, I will buy that slave. Nicolas-san! Get the carriage ready soon!”
Chrono took out crystal for communication and contacted Marquis Elakis house.

Chrono carried Elena to the Marquis Erakis house by Pics commercial firm carriage and left treatment to the doctor he makes them stand by.

According to the doctor, the wound is shallower than it looks and she is considerably weakened, but there doesn’t seem to be life threatening.

While sitting on a chair, Chrono was looking at Elena sleeping like the dead.

“Wage negotiations are spring next year.”
“Hey, I’m not a woman who can’t tell time”
She pouted her lips and use her arm to pushed up the abundant breasts.

“Then, what?”
“Chrono-sama seems down, I came to check on you.”
“…… Sorry, I made you worried.”

Haa ~  She breath out a deep deep sighs.
“It’s fine for you to be kind, but I don’t think Chrono-sama need to worry about this girl.”
“It doesn’t mean that I feel a responsibility, just … …”
“just, what is it?”
Place elbow on the thigh and Chrono cross his hand.
“I thought about slavery too lightly, trying to buy a slave without thinking deeply … … as you said, I feel of overwhelmed by reality.”

As he raised his face, her lips blocked Chrono’s.
The tongue of her is entangled with Chrono ‘s tongue and overruns in the mouth. When Chrono felt out of breath. She finally stopped kissing.
“I can’t respond to wage negotiations?”
“It’s not like that! Just …. Chrono-sama is pretty cute and I came with Kyun, and Kyun!”(6)
The appearance of Okami-san who shouts with the face turned red. She looked too childish, and Chrono bitterly smiled.
“… Thank you, thanks to you, I felt better.”
“I can’t help being serious if you show such an unprotected smile.”
She kissed just one last time, then went out of the room.

The awakening was ambiguous. It wasn’t clear that she recovered her consciousness for some time, As she noticed, Elena was looking up at the strange ceiling.

I didn’t die? Elena could not hide surprises in her survival. When it was set on the stage, the product value of her should have been nearly zero.
“Thank goodness, You’re awake”
When Elena saw the owner of the voice, one youth was there.
Is the age about twenty years old?
The hair is black and the pupil is also black. I feel like he looks cheerful.
he felt Good-natured, but a big scar is running through his right eye.

“Are you… the one which… bought me?”
“I want someone who will be in charge of accounting. ”
When Elena asked, a youth gave a self-mockery sneer.
“But, it’s already good, since I will send you to your house with my acquaintance as soon as the injury is healed. you consider only healing yourself and slowly recuperate … and if you want something, please do not hesitate to say.”
“I can go home?”
“Of course.”

the youth smiled so that he might make Elena relieved.
I can go home.
Again, I can meet Philip.
But if, Elena saw her bruised arm.
My hair is also stiff and I have not washed my body for days.

“Please, please let me bathe”
“I’ll call someone, please wait a bit.”
After a while, the youth came back with a maid and a minotaur.
“…… Do you want to use sub-human to carry?”
“Because it will be too much for Okami alone”

Is he not a nobleman? Elena tilted her head inside.
Minotaurs are sub-human who carry heavy things and they should not touch aristocrats and associate aristocrat.
“Generally, they usually use elves and dwarfs instead of Minotaurus.”
“Is that something to be worried about?”
“Well, if the general is saying”
Minotaurs lightly lift Elena And carried her to the bathroom on the same floor.
“From here it’s my job, men are leaving.”
The maid, who was called Okami, drove out the youth and Minotaur.
“Hey, can you stand?”
“Lend a hand”
“Ha? you are not a child so walk by yourself!”
Elena dragged her painful body and took off the negligee and entered the bathroom.
The bathroom was larger than that of my parent’s house.
Elena approaches the bathtub which was filled with hot water. For even one second earlier wash out dirt.
“Wait! this bathtub I also using, wash your body first!”
Uku, when Elena kneels, Okami is violently pouring over hot water.
“i, it hurt!”
“Hurt is a proof that you’re alive!”
Ugugu, Elena endured humiliation.
“… …. It’s dirty, isn’t it? when was the last time you take a bath?”
“I don’t know something like that.”
She washed Elena’s hair and body roughly.
In the beginning, hot water was dyed red and black, but as it repeated over and over it became transparent and flowing.
“Who is that man, what is he?”
Um, she groaned washing Elena’s hair.
“He doesn’t look like nobleman right? He is a gentle person who treats commoner like me and sub-human both kindly and honestly.”
“It is only a matter of discrimination, a human doesn’t need to worry about sub-people. Sub-human is a creature inferior to human. It is proved by history.”
“Is that so! ”
“What are you doing! ”
Water was suddenly pouring down and Elina shouted.
“Understand, little girl? I don’t mind if you look down on sub-human, but do not spew your words like now in front of Chrono-sama!”
“I know!”
Elena shouts back and slowly soaked in the tub.

One month passed since Elena was purchased by Chrono.

Whether the skill of the doctor was good, the swollen left eye is lessened. my weaken body was also recovered enough to freely walk around. However, to the go out, I still need someone to tag along.

I often have a fight with Okami. it is strange because I feel regret of my a little bit of patience I have.

The thing that I noticed as I walk around. The sub-human maids of this mansion have been working happily. If anything, there’s a nervous feeling from the human side and …… a self-important with a bad atmosphere. Apparently, it seems to be attributable to the employer different in sub-human and humans.
The feeling I get from Chrono Crawford who bought Elena was considerable good-natured. He gives me permission to send out a letter to my mom and willingly grants my selfish request to read a book.

If there is a drawback,

“don’t tell me, He putting his hand on a half elf.”
When going to return a borrowed book, Elena also accidentally witnessed the place where a brown half-elf sneaks into a room of Chrono. She heard a muffled pant voice coming out, This was uncharted territory for Elena, who only just studied.

“Are you awake?”
“……! Yes! I am awake!”
Chrono face peeks out from the gap of the door and Elena raises up.
For some reason, Okami-san is with us.

“and, the letter?”
“… about that.”
Chrono sat on a chair beside the bed with an uncomfortable look.
“Well, do you know Pics company?”
“Yes, it is famous.”
“I asked a person from Pics commercial firm to deliver your letter … apparently, It seems like you are supposed to be dead.”

What? And Elena could not understand the meaning of the words of Chrono.
“W Why, I am alive.”
“When you were attacked by a bandit, you were supposed to be killed along with servants.”
“I’ll immediately solve the misunderstanding!”
“… … っ!”
As soon as she got off the bed, Elena got her arms grab by Chrono.

“Wait, release me, you said I could go back home!”
“… I want to, but the circumstances have changed.”
Doubt creeps up Elena’s spine.
A person who should have officially died.
Perhaps, this person … … Do you intend to make me a sex slave?
“Chrono-sama, is it not good to say the truth?”
Okami combs her hair in a troublesome manner.
“What truth?”
“Ha~, you seem to think that you are smart on your own, but you are really stupid”
She said the same word as a slave merchant.
“Fine then? Your letter has arrived at your uncle and fiancé. If true, why do two people who should be please deny your survival?”
“… … that”
Elena can immediately think of an answer, but she herself was not able to put it in the mouth.

“If you don’t tell me, I’ll tell you, You are “Okami!” ”
Chrono interrupted the words of the Okami.

“From here on I will say,”
Chrono restarted and sighed deeply.
“Elena, you were deceived by your uncle and fiancé.”
“Why, those two deceived me?”
“The purpose is the property of the Graffias family. Your uncle is entrusted with property management, but formal inheritance is you.”
“Fu, Philippe? If he marries me, all the property of the Graffias family will be his! There is no merit for him to do!”
While saying, Elena realizes his interest.
“You were studying abroad in a free state city union?”
“Then what!”
“He might have thought of this, even if he gets married, you’re smart, you will manage your wealth by yourself. Perhaps Maybe, if he married with your uncle daughter. Your properties will be theirs and he might have been proposed accomplice from your uncle”
” … that, that kind of thing … ”
Elena noticed that the things she believed that it was huge rock were only a lofty building on the sand, and her feet collapsed after attacked by that feeling.
“w what about my mother?”
“She was dead, there was no confirmation, I guess it was killed.”

Elena lost her words this time.
“There is no one who will prove you as Elena Graffias. It’s an exclusion that the servants are killed at the place where all the members were killed”
“… ut, get out!”
Elena finally cried so.

In the evening, Elena woke up. Apparently, I’m probably tired from crying and then slept.
“It’s time for dinner”
“No, I don’t need”
Okami spits a sigh and placed a silver tray on the desk.
“Fu, there you go”
“If you put down the tray then go out.”
She irritating sat in a chair next to the bed.

“How about you thought about your body a little?”
“It is not a something that can be thought of under such circumstances, betrayed by uncle and fiancée, sold as a slave, and even mother … … whatever I don’t care anymore”

Elena buried her face in a pillow and answered with tears.
Even Philip, which is her heart supporter, was an enemy.
If I think about it now, why did I think that there was love?
“Even though your mother was killed, you’re quite heartless”
“YOU, What do you know about me! my mother was killed and I want to revenge! But … … I have nothing in my life, Money, nor even prove that I am Elena Graffias! So how, how do I get revenge! ”

Even when Elena cried out with anger, Okami sighed as if she was amazed.
“Is your head is decoration? If you don’t have anything, think about ways to take revenge!”
Elena seemed to have seen the light in those words.
I lost it all, but the knowledge I gained through studying abroad for three years is still there.
Although the Okami was gone, Elena was kneaded a plan of revenge carefully. Moreover, There’re a lot of others are people involved and a large element of luck.

Even so,
“Uncle, Philip, I’ll make them regret betrayed me until they die.”

Light glitter in her eyes, Elena held a soup which became completely cold.


There you go. My first isekai MC that have a problem with buying a slave to that point. Not sure if he’s soft or too serious.

I’m running out of illustration from the LN which I steal borrowed them from the website. there are more in the book, but I don’t have one. so here CeUqt2vVAAAQ1F5.jpg

He/She is the illustrator for this novel. Twitter / Pixiv

Turns out glossary has spoilers (I’ve never read it, honest!) and I need to release at least 2 more before that (to chapter 6). About characters names, most of them are very close to others official of English localization (from wiki and game) so, no more vote. I still put a few notes in.

By the way, They just put me to teach one more class(now 3),  not sure I will have free time for a while. damn …

This time because I can’t really sleep after I read Shuumatsu. so I translated bit by bit and he releases a chapter daily so I kinda have this build up about halfway and I finished another half just now.

If anything. Reigokai said he is looking for something new to translate. You guys might want to go bug him. He said anything that’s no Rape and NTR. Well, we have rape depiction since the 2nd chapter, but not the actual rape. don’t know if that count?


Elena(Елена): A female Russian name which is used widely in Europe. It derives from Helena (Helena), and there is another deformity of Ellen (Ellen) and Helen (Helen) etc..
Graffias is the proper name for some stars in the constellations between Scorpius and Libra.
1. trained in both manner and that kind of thing.
2. A subject was left out so It can be “Do you want to eat me?” or “Should I feed you?” is this a sexual innuendo or just me.
3. “I can eat by myself” or “eat/play with yourself”
4. This http://cdn.amanaimages.com/preview640/11004029037.jpg
5. took me a while to understand this. basically what she did above, where she seduces him then ask for a raise
6. Onomatopoeia of intense heart beat. either this or this … I think I like Sakamoto Ryuichi one more.


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  1. Robbini0 says:

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  2. Frustrated Anon says:

    Thanks for the chapter, and for considering continuing piecemeal until someone else picks it up.

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    My issue isn’t with him buying a slave in the hopes of saving them, but the fact that he went full stupid for a moment there when his original purpose was to get a slave capable of actually being useful to him considering their limited financial situation. It was just rather convenient that the one he picked also happened to be educated, not that it seems he knows yet.

    I mean, this is the same Chrono who saw how crappy and unfair the world was, and was vowing to make things better starting with what he can do. But then he lets his emotions get the better of him in regards to a slave, when he was able to somewhat-coldly talk Okami into selling her shop and serving him, and secure a reliable middleman for business dealing.

    I guess it was a bit much for me to expect that after all the good things the author has done so far with a reasonable MC and cast, they suddenly drop the ball when it comes to slavery.


    • Tokanya says:

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      There also he’s a baron with his own personal money. and right now Elena is dirt cheap. I think he use his personal money for this one. (not sure, I have to check. They say something about her dept but not sure to whom)

      well, it’s a plot armor. He wants someone, he gets one. I don’t think people will like it if he get some old gramps with uninteresting background.


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