Kuro no Senki Arc 1 Chapter 4

I found a website that can read everything out loud. This helps a lot. All that left is just to make my Engrish grammar sound better lol. Also, I change something keeps on reading and see if it fits.

Author: Saito Ayumu

Episode 4 “Okami and Flower seller”

When Chrono woke up, Leila sleeping peacefully on Chrono’s arm pillow as usual.

Usual … It’s been two weeks after Chrono and Leila have this man and woman relationship. It is becoming an everyday occurrence for Chrono to sleep in the same bed.

Well, it is unpleasant every day for Tyria’s security officer at the house of Marquis Elakis. In spite of being properly guarded, Leila sneaked in night after night.

Thanks to that Tyria and the vice secretary have a “night after night you keep bring a half-elf into your bed, what a pervert!” hostile look.

Also for Tyria’s attendant maids “This guy sleeps with a half-elf every night, but the bed sheet is not even stained. Perhaps, his boy is impotent?” As a man, it is a gaze that makes me lose confidence.

Chrono brings Leila to bed every night, but the frequency of that is not as often. Regard the number of times he did the deed, only twice in two weeks …… is that a lot or is that too few, Chrono doesn’t know.

Chrono turned his body and looked at the chest of Leila which grew a little more than two weeks ago.

Changes are not limited to breasts, her silver hair becomes glossy, and her brown skin is increasingly lustrous.

Besides Leila, other soldiers got bigger in size and the hair gloss was getting better.

Probably because of Pics company, Food situation of soldiers improved greatly.

Is it because of Nicolas a capable man or a former purveyor?

Chrono sense tells him it is the latter, but after all, it is a sense of a boy which is less than twenty years old.

“But I think his attitude is good enough to be trusted ”
“Who … can be trusted, sir?”
“Sorry, did I wake you?”
“No, I think it’s about time to wake up”
Chrono moves his left arm to Leila’s waist.
“No! I did not try to touch your butt”
Chrono strengthened the body, while Leila gave a puzzle looks.
“Since I am a mistress of Chrono-sama, please do whatever you like.”
“No, even so”
while protesting, Chrono can’t resist the desire to touch Leila’s butt.
Chrono crawls his fingers on Leila’s butt, enjoying a delicate skin feel.
“…… Chrono-sama?”
“Too honest is also a trouble ne?”
Leila’s cheek flushed, embarrassed while Chrono let out a dried laugh.
“Even though you’ve done so much. Will you not love me?”
“Of course I love you, but in my own way”

Chrono thinks it’ll be cool by returning a straight pitch here while touching Leila’s hair and ear.

“Is it because you guide my study, why you don’t love me? If so … then …”
“That, well, time is limited.”
Chrono takes a look at sandbox placed on the desk. Besides that, there are also round stones used to count numbers, also books used for reading stories.

At the beginning when I started teaching Leila seems bothered, but recently came to my room and begin to ask. ‘What are you going to teach me today?’

“And studying is fun right?”
When the Chrono asks gently, Leila body shook like she was surprised,

“Yes, it is fun”
was happily answered.

Kan! Kan! the sound of hammer in one corner of Erakis Marquis house … from one of towers surrounding the house of Marquis Erakis… can be heard.

There are a furnace and an anvil, Charcoal are piled up like a mountain, and the dwarfs are hurriedly walking around.
“Oh! Chrono-sama, we are waiting!”
“Captain, there’s something I’d like to ask?”
Chrono looked up at the tower, what should I ask? he thought.
“Thanks to Chrono-sama, a wonderful workshop was built”
“Well, if you use a thousand gold coins,”
Ha ha ha, Chrono and Dwarf laughed.
“So, what is the progress of the compound bow?”
“……I got all the materials but to actually build it”
“I will not say to get a result right away, but I didn’t plan to build a workshop for playing,”
With a harder tone of speaking, Chrono stares intensely at the captain of a hundred people.
“I will definitely meet your expectations”
“I’m expecting it”

This is not a false assumption. If we can make weapons and armor in this workshop it will save a lot of money. If we can develop weapons and armor of superior quality than what we have, More subordinates live might be saved.

“Chrono-sama, in reality … there was an idea of armor that I thought about when I was young”
“I don’t mind, of course, since there is a life involved when it’s tested for durability and there are no problems with that. I’ll change to the new type of armor.”
“Yes! I will start right away!”
He is full of motivation, Chrono saw him off.
“Chrono, after not seeing for a while, you’ve become better at handling sub-human”
“What, oh just Tyria?”
“What wrong if it’s me!”
Tyria stands beside Chrono with a disappoint expression, The amazed eyes were turned to workshop and Chrono.
“Giving a magic weapon to sub-human. Build a workshop for them. e e e… e every night, you bring that half-elf t.. to bed. Aren’t you spoil them too much?”
“I have only demi-human subordinates tho”
By the way, the subordinates of Marquis Erakis … Where did my colleague or human soldier go?
“And, that half-elf is especially bad, what are you thinking, bringing that half-elves t.. t to indulge in that licentious act, half-elves can not be human nor can be elves. Just something in between. While whisper love to you, she plans to pluck off your fortune … Are you listening, Chrono!”
“Sorry, I listen about halfway”
“I’m thinking about your well-being and am talking about it”
Is she tricked by a half-elf marriage con artist? And Chrono stared at Tyria.
But, if this is a common sense toward half-elf then they will not be rewarded much.
“If you understand, Then handover consolation money and drive out that half-elf”
“…… Tyria, I’m not going to expel Leila”
eh? Tyria opened her eyes in surprise.
“Well, I think Leila has her own interests in mind a bit too. however, Leila as a half-elf who has to give up various things has requested to stay beside me. I think that it was a decision that takes a lot of courage”
“isn’t that your imagination ?”
“Yes, maybe, even if Leila cheated on me as Tyria said, I promised to believe in Leila.”

“…… You”
the face of Tyria distorted.
“You are foolish! Stupid, idiots, I thought you were stupid. But you are a stupid idiot!”
“Hey, Tyria”
“Hands of me!”

Tyria hit him, and Chrono fall on his back.
“Got it? I’m busy, I can’t be absence from the capital forever, hire a new servant and then I’ll go back to the imperial capital!”
Turning back on Chrono, Tyria went back to the house of Marquis Erakis with rough footsteps.

“Chrono-sama, are you alright?”
“… It seems I have cut in my mouth”
“Your lip is bleeding too”
Chrono face contorted in the taste of the iron which spreads in his mouth.
“Really, Chrono-sama really loves Leila na.”
“Yea, In my own way.”
Chrono wiped blood with the sleeve of the military uniform and stood up.
“Where are you going, sir?”
“Because Tyria wanted to go back to the imperial capital, I thought of going to search for servants.”
It is aimless, Chrono looked up at the sky.

As management is indispensable, just how many people need to manage the marquis house? I tried to remember my adopt father’s house, but I can not recall at all.

“For the time being, Let’s ask Mino-san for a soldier who wants to change job. They’re training outside of town today, will this cloth be alright?

Although he was told to get a servant, Chrono did not think that he could hire a servant easily without any connection.

If so, to inspect the city as well. He changed his clothes from military uniform to casual wear.

Right now he’s wearing a commoner tunic and hemp pants. However, it is too neat for a commoner, so if someone sees him they might have the impression of a rich kid.

After buying dried fruits by a street stall and negotiate with the peddler and get on the carriage.

The commercial district of Marquis Erakis public order is in a good condition as it is, but there are vagrants, orphan, and women who seem like prostitutes.
“…… a lot of orphan hah.”
“Marquis of Erakis has crushed all the poor relief temple, but you don’t need to sympathize them. It’s because they don’t have enough effort.”

(tl: poor relief temple/institution sound weird but this will make sense later)

When Chrono murmured, the peddler scorn which did not try to conceal his thoughts.
He throws out a fitting reply.
“I see”
Well, if people only have such thought, vagrants and orphans wouldn’t reduce.
“It seems that the priestess of the earth temple is giving them food them, …. but if you go around the feeding them, they will only get a lazy habit.”
“Well, such are a religious person.”
Because I don’t want to be kicked out of the carriage, Chrono talked appropriately.

Earth(Yellow soil) temple … one of the six pillar god, the temple that devotes to “Yellow mother Goddess who govern abundant harvest.”

Besides the “Crimson God who governs destruction.” who the commander of Argo Kingdom believed. There’re “Blue goddess who governs life”, “Green god who governs vicissitudes.”, the father of god “While god who governs order.” and his wife “Black goddess who governs chaos.”

The reason why we called them with such a long name because it’s said to be taboo to call a name of a god recklessly. And only those who know real names of gods are only certain amount of god’s technique user with strong power.

For that reason. The six-pillar god which is also believed in the Cepheus Empire, but the political influence of the temple is not so great.

There is the first Emperor of the Empire of Cepheus “The temple is not related to the worldly people!” thoroughly oppressed it.

“here is good.”
“see ya, kid.”
When Chrono jumped off near the gate, the peddler gives a farewell word with a rough feeling. (tl: he use ボン which shorten word use to call rich kids)

“Now, the one used for practice…”
Chrono aims for a training field base in his memory.
Fortunately, a training field …… is just a wasteland, there is only a pile of trees … was found immediately.
today is not long after they discharge from the hospital, So they practicing in a pair in magic and bows for each tribe.

Training actual battle is to organize units of one hundred people, but in this situations where there are neither cavalry nor archers, it will not work.

“Uuu, Amazing strength.” Although the pair of a
Wolf tribe and a Lion tribe is powerful, The pair of Minotaurus and Lizardman that is the most intense.
I never want to fight a fist fight which uses log like a wooden stick.

They probably noticed Chrono.
The adjutant leaves the supervisor to Lizardman and walks up to Chrono.
“Generals …… your lip is injured.”
“I fall down.”
“Generals can be careless too na. Did you come to see Leila today?”
“I’m thinking of hiring an employee, any subordinates who wish to retire.”
fuuuu ~ the adviser breathed out of his nose.
“Treatment has just improved, so there’re no people who can move and wish to retire. However, there are some whose wound healing is slow and the after-effect still remains.”
“How many people?”
“Elves and dwarfs together about twenty people. Well, the dwarven men were going to switch to the workshop because they were the people who had blacksmith training, but only the dwarves women and the elves.”
“I think that the salary will be cheaper than the army but I will hire all of them.”
“Is it true?”
“I can’t just throw them out isn’t it, what about elves?”
“There are only a women, you can be relieved.”
In truth I just want to ask about ration for men and women, Chrono glared at the adjutant.
“General, (is this why) you make a workshop?
“I didn’t think that far, it is a totally happy miscalculation.”
If I had assumed it from the beginning, I would increase the budget.

“General. Don’t you want to see Leila, She stays just over there.”
Looking at the direction the aide pointed to, Leila was drawing a bow.
Rapid succession …… It hit the tens of meters beyond the speed which makes me realize the meaning of such words.
the fact from what I see other elves in view, Leila seems to be an excellent archer.

“Leila is really good at archery.”
“She is good at magic too, I was saved by Leila’s magic many times. With her strength, it is not strange if she is an adjutant.”
because she is a half-elf? Chrono narrowed his eyes.
“Of course … those who are here also think that Leila became commander of the fifty is just natural.”
so that’s why they restrain Leila back then, Chrono was strangely convinced.
“Make her happy.”
“That’s for sure.”
In the end, Chrono left the training ground without meeting with Leila.

Because he was a little hungry, Chrono decided to drop in at the dining room that Leila used for medical treatment.

The dining hall was deserted … … There were no customers other than Chrono, and Okami-san had been wiping the counter with a rag of cloth.
“Oh, Baron-sama … is that dress?”
“For inspecting the city incognito.”
“Well then, is it better for you not to call the baron?”
“Well, call me Chro-“Young master!””
Whether there is no trouble even if someone knows. Chrono sat on the counter seat.
“There is only bread and soup, will you eat it?”
“Umu, I’ll ta-“You can’t sir, right now you’re young master.””
It is not that I am a snobbish kid playing inspecting the city ……
“It is troublesome to keep up with the high attitude …… Okami-san, bread and soup!”
“Yes, young master”
nodded with a playful action, and the same black bread and cooked vegetable soup as the last time are placed on the counter.
I felt that saltiness was a bit insufficient, but Chrono eats the soup without complaining.
“Okami-san, how is the business?”
“It’s not good, recently … I don’t know, since the replacement of the marquis, the strange tax has increased, such as kitchen hearth taxes, firewood taxes, my place is just a small shop like this really was in the deficit … … Although it was a store that finally set up with a dead husband. if this go on it will be gone with the dept.
It was heavier than I expected, Chrono silently eats bread.

“Because young master is not the bad one, please don’t make that face. Yea, there is also good news. like Erakisu Marquis was arrested on charges of embezzlement and a new lord is coming”

Fu~ and Chrono pretending to be indifferent.
Although there’s a saying that you can’t keep a secret, it seems that some secret is kept.

“Come to think of it, what about that half-elf girl?”
“If you mean Leila, she’s fine.”
She smiled like a mischievous kid.
“Young master seems infatuated with that girl.”
“To be frank, she’s my mistress now.”
“ara, readily admit aren’t you?”
Okami-san disappointedly said.
The more you deny this, the more you get teased.
“If I’m 10 younger, I’ll also going to apply for your mistress.”
“… …”
It’s the eyes of a starving beast, Chrono hurriedly drinks the soup.
His weak mind is sensitive to a threat.
“Hey, young master”
Raising a sweet voice, she sat down next to Chrono.
That sweet voice sounds like a carnivorous beast to him.
Even the side of the chest seems like sharpen claws.
I’ve come to a meal Chrono try to take the bread …… and dropped it.
She grabs the arm he stretched to take the bread.
“… Hey, young master?”
“w… What is it?”
She presses Chrono’s hand against her breast.
Although there is no tightness like Leila, Okami-san is overwhelming with the size.
“Are you trying to embarrass a woman?”
“Wait, why are you sitting on top of me?”
The lady sat on a thigh of Chrono and floated a captivating smile.

When I first met I judged her to be in mid-thirties, looking up close she looks a bit younger.
“…… You can do whatever you like with me ju- “That, impossible””
is it? The landlady was tilted her neck like she can not understand.
“So, Patro- “it is impossible””
Fui ~, She went back to the seat next to him with a disappointed face.
“Young master is a nobleman, so I thought you could help it.”
“Well, I might be Noble but..”
though there are more than 23,000 gold coins in the safe of Erakis’ Marquis and can be used to some extent at Chrono’s discretion …… But this is what Marquis Erakis squeezed out of the people so it can not be used lightly.
To tell the truth, while Chrono receives a salary as an officer, he also receives a remittance from his foster parent, so there are money that he can use freely, but
“I feel like I’m a lewd old man.”
“I’m telling you I don’t care!”
Chrono is staring as to lick the landlady, he leaned forward.
“When it comes to that kind of relationship, I want to do something terrible.”
“… If I can protect this shop”
“First I’ll lock you in a dungeon”
Eh? And the movement of the female general stops.
“wearing a collar like slave and hitting with a whip. Oh, the shackles and the fetters are the default. Eating food in all four Then …… xx and xx to the ass, and I’ll ●● to your △△ too”

“That’s scary! You, what are you thinking? ”
Imagine, she hugged her body with a pale face.
“How much is the debt you own?”
“i… I refuse to do such a thing!”
Che…Chrono seriously clicks his tongue.
“So, the debt?”
“…… 100 gold coins”
“I can not be a patron but I can introduce a good job to you”
“What kind of? Ahhh, I don’t accept work in the basement!”
Okami-san withdrew her body from Chrono.
“The cook of the house Marquis Erakris”
“I didn’t say I’ll stop! I want to protect the shop of my husband!”
“I think that it is safe to protect the store even if you work as a cook and repay your debt.”

ugh, her voice was clogged.
“Would you let me think for a moment?”
“Fine, but I want a reply by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. If the answer is decided, please come to the Marquis of Erakis house  … ask for Chrono Crawford If you say that the gatekeeper will take over. ”
” … understood”

the lady replied in a small voice.

Maybe I was hated by Okami-san, Chrono follows the way back home.
It was her who tempt and tried to take Chrono in sexual and monetary meaning, so I want to forgive that much.

“She should come and the remaining problem is the accounting?”
He stuffs his mouth with dried fruits, Chrono dropped his shoulders.
Given the literacy rate of the Cepheus Empire, it seems difficult to secure talented persons who can take care of them unexpectedly.

I do not have a connection to pull it out from other places, and I do not want to make extra enemies.

“It isn’t also realistic to bring up one by oneself. I don’t want to put myself under a debt, but I should consult with Nicolas.”

When I was thinking about such a thing, I found a girl selling some flowers the other day.

She is trying to sell flowers with a stagger like a feverish walk, but no one seems to care.
A girl was refuse by someone else wandered towards the street, and the carriage thrust into it with a terrible momentum.
Chrono ran to the girl’s side with full strength.
He has put in too much fighting spirit Uhya~! disregard what might have become, Chrono diving catch girl on the verge of being run over, and escaped to the safety zone while rolling on the ground.

and greatly hit on his head.
“Are you alright?”
“…e? I Aaah the flowers!”
When she escaped from the arm of the Chrono, the girl collecting the flowers that were trampled miserably.
“Thas is dangerous!”
“But, flowers …… I have to sell them all,”
the flowers selling girls rattling and trembled. Biting her nails like a withdrawal symptom.
It was Andersen ‘s fairy tale “The Little Match Girl” that passed the mind of Chrono.

“I will pay for the flowers and baskets.”
Chrono attracted the girl without waiting for a reply.
The skin peeking from the collar is pathologically white, and the body is thin enough to see the clavicle.
The feet painted with mud and blood is also painfully thin.
“Oh, Chrono-sama!”
Looking towards the person who said the voice, Nikolas jumped out from the carriage.
Apparently, the horse carriage that’s almost run over the girl belongs to Pics.
“I am very sorry, Chrono-sama.”
“Oh, I don’t have any major injuries.”
Chrono smiles to relieve Nicolas.
“At least, even with treatment alone …… Lips, as well as on the forehead.”
“Would that child go together?”
Nicola looked at the girl and narrowed his eyes sadly.
“Yes, naturally”

There are branch offices throughout the Cepheus Empire, the Erakis Marquis house branch of Pics firm is built in a prime location in the commercial district.

Although the size of the building is inferior to other businesses, the number of employees’ hospitality is one or two steps higher.

Chrono secretly decided, when buying Leila’s clothes and underwear, or underwear, and underwear let’s do it here.

The office of Pics which was guided by Nikolas was very neat.
“Then, Chrono-sama.”
“If it is about wound treatment, this girl first.”
“is that so? Vel, Vel! Bring a first-aid kit!”
Ye~s! And Vel jumped into the office with the first-aid kit in one hand.
“Vel, treat this girl.”
“Ye~s branch manager!”
Vel sits a flower-selling girl on a chair and gives treatment with skillful motion.
Although it is a treatment to the extent that water is spread and a bandage is rolled up.
“Righ~t, next is Baron.”
When Vel wrapped a bandage around the head of Chrono, she quickly returned to work.
“In a sense, she is a refreshing girl.”
“I am sorry, Vel just becoming a commercial member for a short time, and her manners are not perfect. Oh, how about a cup of tea and a sweet?”
“Yes please”
Oh. I’m expecting a golden candy, but unfortunately, it was an ordinary tea and confectionery.
The girl timidly sipping tea and indulge in a snack.
“You can eat mine too.”
“t thank you very much.”
Now Chrono slowly drinking black tea in his mouth while looking at the girl who eats sweets eagerly.
Somehow looking at the desk, a bundle of paper was placed.
“…… paper hah.”
“It is unusual to be around here, but Chrono-sama is very knowledgeable”
“Even it is hard to find at the house of Marquis Erakis, is it that unusual?”
“Yeah, it is imported from the nation’s free city-state group, The manufacturing method is also kept secret.”
“I wonder if it can be made at the workshop.”

If you can make it in the Cepheus Empire, it will be cheaper at reducing the cost of shipping and the Marquis Erakis territory will be profit.

“Chrono-sama, how is our work?”
“The food situation of the soldier was improved visibly, and the workshop is now in no problem.”
Fuu, Nicolas breathed a sigh of relief.
“Right now I’m going to be personal …… territory management problems. Isn’t there a person who can be an accountant?”

“There are educated accounting, and when it comes to a trusted person”
right~ and Chrono’s looked up at the ceiling.
“Sir, If you want one by all means, there is one way.”
Aham Nicolas cleared his throat.
“There are slaves, although we do not deal with slaves, but we mediate for you”
“Is there an educated slave?”
Indeed, educated and slaves are two things Chrono can not connect with.

“Because there are various circumstances in slavery”
“Then, I’ll leave an intermediary to you”
Chrono wasn’t enthusiastic, but maybe Nicolas isn’t that enthusiastic, either.

After finishing the small exchange, when I left Pics firm, the sun was about to fall.
“Where are you living?”
The girl picked up the hand of Chrono and started walking.
She does not run away from Chrono, maybe because he has not paid money.

“Who do you live with?”
Chrono asked the girl answered briefly.
“Why are you working?”
“Because mommy was sick, I have to work hard. Just enough to eat is the m-, I have to giving it my all just to have something to eat.”
Is she realizing that Chrono is a noble? The girl hurriedly rephrased.

(tl: 2nd one is more polite. she speaks like a certain Latina. clink that link nano!)

A girl takes Chrono’s hand and went to the outer edge of the city.
“Onii-sa … no …. are you a noble?”
“I’m OK with Onii-san(older brother). then, for once, I’m a noble.”
mu, said the girl. her eyebrows wrinkle and silenced.

“Do you dislike the nobles?”
“Hate!… but … but I like Onii-san,  you bought my flowers.”
The girl desperately said Chrono had no choice but to smile bitterly.
“Why do you dislike nobles?”
“Mama worked at the house of Marquis Erakis, but she got sick and kicked out.”
When I hear stories from people in the city, only the bad things about Marquis Erakis comes out.
“I also dislike soldiers, but I like dog soldiers, they are white and fluffy and they always help us”
Great job, my men! And Chrono praised his men in his heart.

After the sun set, Chrono finally reached the girl’s house.
It is a poor house suitable for calling shacks, and the houses around it are also similar.

“… … The security seems to be bad”
“Yo, brother”
With less than three seconds the anxiety hit home.

A hoodlum uncle caught a voice.
“Stop it! I have no money to give to you!”
“What’s this, you brat!”
Why would you put an oil onto the fire! Chrono hid a girl from the uncle.
A dull shock strikes the chest.
It seems likely that he can put down this degree of an opponent with bare hands, but it is impossible while protecting the girl.

“Oiii, anyone around?”
Was not it just a normal bad guy, people come out of the dark alleyway.
While hiding the girl, Chrono chewed on the difficulty of using the only magic skill he knows.
Tenkuru Kagura has too much killing power.
The next moment uncle swung up his arms, an arrow shoot at his feet and a white wind passed through right beside Chrono.
It is a centurion captains’ white hair, wolf demi-human.
A wolf centurion captain wields the uncle in a blink of an eye and intimidates the men who came out of the dark.
Those men tried to hold out, but
“General, is it okay to kill them all?”
“no need to kill, if they return without doing anything”
With the word exchange between him and his aide huge figure, they ran.
“Laila, I was saved”
While wary of the surroundings, Leila gathered up so as to shield Chrono.

“Chrono-sama, this neighborhood is a particularly bad area in
“I experienced it first-hand”
A late cold sweat passes on the back mind.
“Mino-san, Leila … … Because there is a business, will you wait a while?”
“If it’s the command of general”
“I will secure a withdrawal at the risk of my life”
If it these two even a bunch of ruffians come. It will be fine.
“Would you let me meet your mother?”
“Fine, how come?”

The girl’s mother was doing sewing work on the bed but jumped from the bed as she saw the bandage wrapped around the girl.
“Alison, What did you do coming this late?”
“I was going to be run over by a carriage and Onii-san helped me.”
Alison’s mother saw Chrono at last.
“I don’t know who you are, thank you very much for helping my daughter.”
“No, I just did something obviously.”
Chrono caught his eyes as he ceased conversation.
Ceiling with thin dirty walls and traces of rain leakage, not even the minimum necessary furniture.
Fatherless family …… Even though the mother who supports household is sick, no one delivers a helping hand.
Far from helping, even some are trying to take away money from their child like the man just before.
“I am looking for servants now”
“It is a very appreciated offer … … now I am sick”
Alison to tightly clinging to her mother.
“Treatment expenses …… I’ll pay in advance. When the disease is cured, is fine if it is possible to repay at a reasonable pace. If possible ….. It feels intimidated for the work the children, such as Alison chan but, both of you would like to work in my mansion.”

Allison’s mother seems to be confused at exceptional treatment, but there are no ways but to believe in Chrono.

“… I understand ”
after a while, Alison’s mother accepted Chrono’s proposal.

Immediately packing up, Chrono took an adjutant, Leila, a centurion captain wolf demi-human, Allison and her mother, Then head to marquis house.

Chrono holds Alison’s hands, His aide lifts Alison’s mother.
Leila seemed to be envious of Alison who holding hands with Chrono, but she did not complain.
It was Leila who first noticed the commotion at Erakis Marquis House.
“Chrono-sama, someone is making a noise at the gate”
“was it Okami-san?.”
Chrono’s premonition hit the mark.
Okami and the gatekeeper were having a dispute at the gate of Erakis Marquis house.
“Didn’t I say Chrono-sama called for me!”
“Don’t lie! The Crawford Baron will not call a woman like you! Go back at once !”
“At least, tell Chrono-sama for me!”
Okami-san was quite an aggressive person na, Chrono made a major revision of the first impression including today’s case.

“Ah, you guys”
“Baron Crawford!”
*Kishing* the gatekeeper, straighten his back.
“Just as that woman says, I think you should be heard from Tyria, but I’m looking for servants.”
“That’s why I said that I was called by Chrono-sama!”
“Shut up, woman!”
“Hah? can’t even say one word of apologies. what’s your problem!”
well well, Chrono stood up between Okami and the gatekeeper.
“Okami-san, what’s your reply?”
“If it will protect my husband’s shop, whether a cook or a mistress I’ll do it for you!”
While calming the excited gatekeeper, Chrono sighed in his mind.
Well, what the heck … This seems to be a long way to go.

Hoo, boy. That’s 5.2k words chapter. Some place may sound a bit weird since my chrome froze because of the amount of word and chrome protest to spell-checks for me. About the 6th times, I just type from my memories.

I change from Owner to Okami to get the feel of later on. since she is not the owner anymore. right now she’s a cook at the maquis house. Image down below! with spoilers free mosaic.

and NO I won’t change the suffix and Onii-san things. THIS is a power of translator muahahaha.

that’s it. 4.5 will be Leila’s POV. This is the end of arc 1 first half. Glossary. and then Arc 1 latter half.

PS. I can’t believe I was so engrossed in translated that I miss the notification about Tales of Berseria 40% sale. And why would you make it on sale just one night hah? Mr. Bandai Numco. Let’s wish it will be on Humble monthly pack today.

Tyria / Okami / Kurono
From Vol2 I think?


look at those bewbs



13 thoughts on “Kuro no Senki Arc 1 Chapter 4

  1. Lewd Dreams says:

    I’ll be honest; I’m really liking this series. It’s a bit more honest/serious, in that it isn’t completely roses and dreams in dire situations like in Okami’s case. She’s willing to do almost whatever it takes to help keep her business afloat (or at least, avoid completely becoming a full-time prostitute), and the MC is really not shy about responding back with some rather adult remarks too.

    Given the harem tag, I’m wondering if Okami will also end up joining the harem. It’d be kind of nice; considering how few series there are where an older woman is part of the main male character’s harem (as opposed to the endless plethora of lolis), and another kind of change. Risou and Hokuou Kizoku are two that featured an older female partner, along with a nice take on a love interest that is reasonably mature (neither were harem though).

    It’ll also be interesting if Tyria does join his harem (though I’d assume it’d be much later, considering her position vs Chrono’s). She also seems to appear a bit older than Chrono. Actually now that I think about it; it looks like Chrono’s harem might be of the older-sister type (Leila is a half-elf with a long life span, Tyria might be a year or two older, and Okami, if she joins, is definite older-sister/MILF territory).

    Thanks again for the chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. DaBear says:

    Once again Thanks for the translation Bro
    the MC seems cool not op but cool in hes own way and hes not just thinking with hes lower half (lol) I dont often find this type of MC’s in harem tags which is great since Ive been avoiding due to being repetitive for me.
    By the way this may be unerelevant to the topic but just finished reading this novel Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi today I post this novel cuz/since I saw you post there once.

    Liked by 1 person

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