Kuro no Senki Arc 1 Chapter 4.5

Author: Saito Ayumu

tl: Everytime they talk to Leila as Captain they use 50 people strong captain, similar to 100 people leader captain (centurion’s captain) which as you can guess. Too long winded, so I shorten it to just Captian. If you talk with your family as Aelger the son of jorhelmdir and this offended you. Tell me and I’ll change it back.

Episode 4.5 “Leila”

For Leila two weeks ago, sexual intercourse was synonymous with violence.
It started only at the circumstances of others and was an act ending by the convenience of others, and Leila’s intention did not exist there.

There is only the beastlike reason that if there is anything. weak people have to give way to the strong.

When she visited Chrono’s room, Leila was desperate to push and kill the fear.
She might be rejected.
She might be disappointed.
She might be violated by a brute force.
All such ideas were swirling.

To spent a long time to get to the deed. Fill in the distance little by little, brought her skin intimately together, seeking each other for kisses. Anything and everything …
like gently caressed.
like being caring for.
also an arm pillow … … everything is the first time.

The time when you are held in a lover’s arm is the happiest, is the word of a dead comrade. Leila was able to understand it as a real feeling now, but

last night, Chrono-sama did not love me.

While holding such dissatisfaction, Leila shot arrows one after another. Even in this situation, the technique gained at the end of the bleeding exercise will not be dull, the arrow will surely hit the target.

Because he permits me to share a bed, I shouldn’t be avoided. While stroking my hips this morning It was hardened so I should not be lacking in sexual appeal, and Chrono-sama’s libido has not declined.

After finishing shooting the arrow, Leila confirmed the state of her subordinates.
Three hundred Elves and half-elves archers who had been reduced their numbers to fifty people in the battle at the Dark forest. It is a large number of dead, but if were to fight on the flatland, one thousand people would have been devastating without keeping it for several hours.

There is no mistake that “study” is a heavy burden. However, Chrono-sama does not want me to stop “studying”. Really, what are the love that you say of Chrono-sama?

“The state of Captain-sama helplessly yearning for Chrono-sama.”
“Every night, ever~y night, intensely seeking to join with each other”
When Leila spit a deep sigh, two of the elves who were next her to have said to poke fun.

Both people are the owner of the blonde hair and blue eyes as the average feature of the elves, They have a look-alike appearance as reflects in the mirror. That’s right, these two people …… Deneb and Arided are the twin sister.

These two are my colleague from those assignment days. now there is no intensely passionate night that I’m worried! even so, I can’t retort.

“Would Chrono-sama called for us too?”
“If we become Chrono-sama’s mistresses, it would be easier”
“… Even if you are his mistress, I think it wouldn’t be easier.  I was given a strict order. ‘Don’t get high and mighty attitude to a colleague even though you were a lover.'”
When Leila said, Deneb and Arided blinked in wonder.
“It is different from the image.”
“Oh yeah, the position seems to be reversing from the day and night.”
Deneb and Arided glance at each other
“”How about the real thing, how do you feel !””
Feeling curious They stuck to Leila.
“what is?”
“”Every night, ever~y night, You sneak into the barracks and come back in the morning, So is Chrono-sama is violent, is he obstinate, is he neat or does not suit his face and attacks hard””
“Well, that, Chrono-sama … … he’s treating me politely and gently.”
Leila was overpowered by a threatening attitude of two people and answered as if her mouth moving on its own.
“… …. gentle?”
“… …. polite?”
Leila’s words seemed to be surprising, and they looked at each other.
“Thought so, I definitely want to be a Chrono-sama mistress.”
“That’s right.”
They murmured at me as about their male pilgrim of the past.

“Recently, the area around my chest and buttocks is tightening.”
“others also saying similar things, but what about captain?”
“…… I’m not, really,”
In the morning training, Deneb and Arided told such a thing on the way home to the dormitory. Both of them are wearing leather armor, so it is hard to see, Leila has no consciousness of growing my breasts, but there was a point she thought.

Indeed, it was the reason Chrono stared at her breasts, and he wanted to touch her butt.

“Right, was it because we came to be able to eat three meals a day?”
“It was two meals so far, unpaid payments were also paid, suddenly the treatment improved”

The treatment got better, And that is what every soldier feels. When the Marquis of Erakis was still here, there was a clear difference between a demi-human and a human soldier. Although human soldiers seemed not as favored as the current Leila, though.

“Even dwarf centurion leader could have his workshop too, He was so glad.”
“Chrono-sama has paid out of his pocket for that. Is captain known why?”
“He should have built it to make a new bow … … I don’t know what Chrono-sama thinks.”
Leila answered just as she said to Nicolas of a Pics commercial firm.

If I keep “studying” like this, will I also be able to understand Chrono-sama’s thought? The meaning of Chrono-sama love …

“Isn’t that a person of a Pics commercial firm?”
“I wonder what are they doing?”

Looking at the carriage stopped near the barracks, they saw two people.
Apparently, they come to deliver food.

Until now, merchants simply left the foods there but after they changed to Pics firm, they began to check the real number.

Even if you say to confirm, soldiers can not read the letters and even rudimentary arithmetic can not be done, so Chrono is doing it.

“Layla-sama, is Chrono-sama present?”
“Sorry, please wait a moment.”
Nikolas asked Leila took out the crystal for communication.

All crystal connected …… the talk will go through to adjutants and centurions, but since it is not a personal talk, there is no problem.

“Leila, can you do it instead of me?”
“Because it is only to confirms that the delivery number and the actual number match. Oh, I will explain briefly, so replace with Nicolas”
When handed the crystal, Nicolas seemed to be saying two or three words to Chrono.
“So, Leila-sama … I will explain, so please confirm the number.”
“Wait, captain”
Arided makes a miserable voice, Layla is in a similar feeling.
Nicolas hand over a statement of delivery to Leila and she stroked her chest.

It is because only the items name and the number are written in the delivery form.
“Well, first from the wheat”
“It is this in the middle ”
It was not as difficult as the documentation work I thought, but it took more than twice as much as Chrono confirmed.

“This is definitely everything.”
“Well, Please sign Leila-sama’s name here.”
“Wa, wait!”
Deneb, no, are you an Arided? She raises a bitter scream.
When Laila finished signing, Nicola gave a satisfying nod.
“w wa wa wait. Captain!”
“w what is it?”
Right now Arided crying face almost touches Leila.
“When can you read letters and do arithmetic?”
“I’m interested, too.”
There seemed to be no intention to help form Deneb and became the same with Arided and she pressed Leila.
“…… Chrono-sama taught me”
“Hah? Haa? Chrono-sama is busy! Even you’re training in the daytime and where is such time?”
“Well, at night, in Chrono-sama’s room”
Layla felt her cheeks flushed shyly.
“Didn’t you go to do it every night?”
“That’s, I thought that I intended to do that, but Chrono-sama,”
Leila replied become flustered.
“How many times You were ‘Yatta‘? Sneak in the house, Did you mean you only learned the character?”
“Oh, that, in that two weeks … … only twice.”

Layla’s shoulder dropped,  showing index finger and middle finger.
“”FEW! you, did you seduce him properly?””
“s seduce is a bit”
“”That’s fine, answer properly!””
“I intended to ask him properly … to teach me “study” it will become necessary after a year or a decade, and we will need it after a hundred years … Still, he response when I press him hard enough.”

*Pong* both of them make amaze faces.

“I had thought he was strange people, something, like this, The feeling that he has crossed beyond my imagination”

“Captain … Are you really loved?”
“Chrono-sama says that it’s love in his own way, but I’m stupid, so… I don’t understand Chrono-sama’s love well.”
Her sight blurred with the vision of tears.
“Laila is deeply loved by Chrono-sama, isn’t she”
“”Haa? Why are you coming up with such a comment after listening to the story now!””
“You understand Chrono-sama! Please tell me! What is the meaning of Chrono-sama love! ”
Pressing by three people, Nicolas cleared his throat.
“I will not go beyond speculation, is it OK?”
Reluctantly, Leila, Deneb, and Arided obediently let Nicolas go.
“In my opinion, Chrono-sama seems to be thinking about Laila’s five or ten years later.”
Suddenly the talk was interrupted, Nicolas coughed.
“For example … … This is just an example, but for example, Laila-sama quits the military and looks for another job.”
“Ha? I guess demi-human can’t find another job so easily.”
“I would have to say that it is difficult if remain uneducated. However, It’s a difference story if you can read, write and do arithmetic. If, if the minimum of academic aptitude, You can be employed as an apprentice dealer member in Erakris Marquis territory branch that I keep”
Nicola responded firmly to Arided’s offensive words.

“Although it will be hard at first, in the beginning, no one can complain if you make a good result, it is not impossible to have a branch office or to independently raise your own business, and it is not impossible to open a private school There is also an option. ”

Deneb and Arided were listening to Nikola’s story as if they were taken astray. It was as if a dreamlike choice was presented as a real problem.

“What about us in one hundred years later?”
“… It is quite my personal opinion, is not Chrono-sama aiming to improve the status of demi-human?”
Eh? It was three people, Leila, Deneb, and Arided question.
“If you succeed in business you will have a lot of power and influence, and Leila-sama’s student who opened private school may be active in various fields. In 10 years it may be impossible After fifty years, one hundred years? Maybe, after a hundred years there may be an equal relationship between sub-people and humans.”
“What’s the merit for Chrono-sama?”
“He did not ask for any merit, so it was love.”

Nicolas replied to Leila blurred voice with a serious face.
Her knees wobbly trembling.
Leila even held fear for the magnitude of Chrono love.

even so, her chest is warm.

Food circumstances were improved and the financial position also became better, but night in the barracks is early due to the long poverty life.

Although it is not prohibited in principle at night, but They don’t go out. Basically, because they’d rather drink in their room rather than pay at a pub, being jeer by a store owner and other customers.

Leila sneaks out of a barracks by vivid skill like usual and got over the high wall of Marquis Erakris.

My chest and buttocks seem to have grown up, but I feel that the physical ability itself has been higher than before. Is this due to the food situation being improved?

Forming a fist, Leila runs along the wall of the Elakis Marquis mansion.

“Who are you!”
“… …!”

Their sense is sharp today, isn’t it? Naturally speaking I was sneaking in for two weeks, it is natural, but I won’t be caught by a soldier who has never entered the battlefield.

Leila tried to slip into the tower where a door was open and miss a soldier.

“Oh, is it tonight also?”
“Because I will be noticed by soldiers, please be quiet.”

Layla stared at the dwarf centurion leader.
“They have never experienced actual war. I’m sure They will go unnoticed.”
“Sometimes there’s chance.”

Without noticing Leila, patrolman’s soldier has gone to the wrong direction as dwarf’s centurion said.
“As expected, there seems to be no actual fighting experience for Tyria’s vassal, so … Why are you not going back to the barracks?”
“I don’t want to wasted time to make new armor, compound bow …  and Paper.”
When Leila turned her eyes, Dwarf’s centurion captain seemed happy and pickled wooden branch and root in a wooden tub. Not just one wooden tub, more than ten is here.

“Isn’t paper made from animal’s skin?”
“Chrono-sama was saying that it could also be made with a plant. When broth of every…… plant is done. Splash on a wooden frame, Something like paper will be left? One seems to be a faint memory of Chrono-sama, too, so by trial and error now.”

“I don’t know well, but please do your best ”

Layla, who broke off with the dwarf captain, climbed the tree and invaded the castle through the window. You can guide soldiers appropriately, but it is a trick to change sneaking methods each time.

Although the footstep echo in the castle, the possibility of being found will also rise, but here it is easy to read the signs.

“Wait, what are you doing there?”
“…… ”
Leila turning and shooting a backfist, the person has lightly received a fist.

“Okami … … why, you?”
“It because I was hired from tonight.”
“in that dress?”

fufufu Okami laughed like a girl and lifted a short skirt lightly.  In other words, the chest is wide open and the chest with a considerable volume is visible about one-third.

“Because I can do a castle service after a long time, I’m going to put in a lot of fighting spirit, right? I’m thinking of crawl over Chrono-sama with this figure, will it work?”

“How old are you?”
POKON! She was hit instead of an answer.
I was quite cautious, maybe she has a higher skill than a Tyria’s vassal.

“Oh yeah … … this is still over thirty.”
“Why is your voice getting smaller at the age?”
“Nothing, Okay?”
Mu Leila stared at her.
“But, if number one is here, I should stop today”
“Why? thats.”
“I heard it from Chrono-sama”
She bit a yawn and withdrew readily.

I don’t think Chrono-sama will fall so easily…. No, it will fall, doesn’t it? … It’s groundless, but the defensive powers of Chrono-sama are estimated as below as a piece of cloth.

Leila pulls herself together and aims at a room in Chrono.

Finally not committed a folly to enter immediately Leila peeped at the sign over a door.

Apparently, there is no Princess Tyria. I heard that she studied at the same school, but does an archduchess visit an aristocrat’s room only by that? When thinking about the reaction when she saw naked Chrono-sama and me, is strange.

Fu, Leila floats a smile.

Even if Princess Tyria had a special feeling for Chrono-sama, their position is too different. If Chrono-sama succeeded in life, it will be a different story …

Leila stepped into the room of Chrono and breathed a relief breath.

“Let’s get started tonight?”
“…… Yes”

Sitting in a chair, Laila chases the characters written in the book with gaze only while listening to the words of Chrono.

What is written in this book is the myth of the six-pillar god. A long time ago … a story was written about the era of the God.

Because he kept reading for a long time, Chrono reached out for the cup.

“er, Chrono-sama … … what do you think about a hundred years later?”
“I think that the treatment of demi-human is getting better than it is now. If it is the history of the world that I am, it will be a difficult path I know, but what could be done in that world. Should be done in this world … probably,”
Because he himself is uncertain, too, that he seemed unconfident and added those word in the end.
“… …. Um, Chrono-sama”
Leila clenched a fist solidly on her knee.
“Well, I … … Finally, I understood the meaning of love that Chrono-sama told me, I have been worried that I do not know the meaning and I am worried about it, but I was told by people of Pic firm. Really, I have to notice it myself. ”

Leila spun a word while nearly crying with the clumsiness.

“Chrono-sama gave us a future, didn’t you?”
“I thought that if you acquire the minimum amount of academic ability you can increase the choices. That’s all”
Standing up, Leila jumped into the chest of Chrono.
Chrono’s temperature and breath are transmitted.
“…… Chrono-sama”
When Leila kissed, Chrono showed a swaying puzzle.
Leila breathed out in a caress fascinated intenser than usual.

“Well, will you love me tonight?”
“If you do this much it won’t be calm down now”
Chrono smiled while scratching his cheek.
“…… I am so shameful, Chrono-sama is thinking about a hundred years ahead, and I am dissatisfied that Chrono does not love me.”
“Were you dissatisfied?”
As Leila murmured, Chrono said with a polite wording.
“Uh, well,…… because I’m a lord, a future thing is considered seriously, but I’m not so wonderful that Leila thinks. Also at Pics commercial firm today whether you say that it’s petty things”
“That you directed to make paper with dwarf’s centurion.”
“I think Nicolas said it is an imported item, so I think that if you make it here. It will make a profit. b … … But not just thinking about that, I want to buy a sexy underwear at Pics when I’m thinking about getting on Layla, I think … … so, if I make a mistake, please do not hesitate to point out.”
Chrono’s honesty appearance was interesting, Leila seemed to spit out.
“Then, please love me tonight. I think once a week is too few.”

once again, Leila made a long kiss with Chrono.

And they live happily ever after.

Deneb and Arided have a lot of slang, slur, and drag-on words. Make it hard to translate sometimes. But they are my favorite characters in this series.

anyway here’s Leila.


And the twin



*Aham* well, with this, I’ll switch out to do my things now. Hope there is someone out there pick this up. If not I’ll slow~ly translate this later.


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  1. Lewd Dreams says:

    So was this the “5th” chapter? Or are you still going to release the 5th chapter? Either way is fine. Again, you have some important things on your end.

    Also, I’m actually giddy that Okami is also deciding to join the harem, though it seems she and Chrono discussed it as she was apparently told to not come when Leila’s around. And it seems she’s also stronger than she looks; being able to smack Leila a little. I really hope she does.

    On the other side of things, were the twins also former slaves or sexually used? I’m asking considering their knowledge of the subject and a mention of them remembering a former male of their past (male pilgrim?). It would be pretty humorous if they joined the harem too, considering that it’d also push Leila to be more assertive lest she lose out to twin elf girls.

    Thanks again.


    • Tokanya says:

      There’re 5th chapter after this, but not anytime soon. at lease not from me.

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