Kuro no Senki Arc 1 Chapter 3

Author: Saito Ayumu

Chapter 3 “Marquis of Erakis”

Three years have passed since Kurono Hisamitsu was adopted by Baron Crawford, a nobleman of the southern frontiers and came to be known as Chrono.

(TN: Kurono Hisamitsu 黒野 久光 lit. black plain – lasting light)

In the first year, He learned a language, customs and minimal self-defense techniques under his adopted father and He got an education to be the excellent commander at the military school of capital in the second and third years, but he surprised even by himself how bad he was.

In any case, His friends are those who were practicing fencing and equestrian from childhood. Chrono who has no experience in martial arts and lacks sports experience can not compete.

In the end, Chrono was totally hated and aware of “the height” in the military school life that spanned for two years. That’s why Chrono did not doubt that he would grow old as a mediocrity a lord of the frontier while waging small war, and doing territorial management.

Why did such a thing happen?

Chrono asked himself in his room at Marquis de Erakis.
The place is a bed, Chrono is naked, and bare Leila is sleeping restfully next door.


Last night, Leila came to Chrono ‘s room.
Basically, Leila, as soldier can’t enter the room of Marquis Erakis so if he did anything she can not refuse, but he was unable to push her down ‘When petticoats woo, breeks may come speed’ did not happen.

(TN: 据え膳食わぬは男の恥 idiom. which I’m not good at. Something like dangling a carrot in front of a horse? more like already put a carrot into a horse mouth to me IDK.)

Chrono and Leila were silently sitting on the bed before they know it the distance becomes closer.

Leila looked at Chrono with tearing eyes, they kissed.
and while being thrust by instinct … … It became like this.

Rather, the moment he kissed. The chain of reason flew out and he was pushing down Leila.

“… Chrono-sama?”
“Oh, you can sleep a little more.”
Leila nodded and rubbed against Chrono like a puppy.
“Lift your head a little”
“E? Yes.”
Chrono puts his arm under Leila’s head.
“You can lie down now”
“Eh, is it fine?”
Leila lowered her head on the arm of Chrono hesitantly.
“Was this not annoying?”
“To be honest, I was surprised”
Chrono caught a pointed ear, Leila narrowed her eyes comfortably.
“It was my first time, to tell the truth.”
Remembering last night, When he remembered last night, Chrono nearly faints in agony of embarrassed.
“Err, I- “‘My love is only for you.'”
Chrono cuts in and gazed at Leila who is about to cry.
“I trust in that word.”
“err, I … i I am.. for the first time … … that was done so gentle”
This time I interrupt Leila’s words with a kiss.
I think Leila’s past is bad, but I got annoyed a bit when she speaks of another man other than myself.
Chrono leaves his lips and
“…… once more, okay?”
“Yes, please for me fully … … that, please love me”
” I will be gentle”
Chrono raises his body to laid down Leila. At that time, the door opened at the worst possible timing.

Turning back slowly, Tyria was standing with a folded arm.
“Chrono, it’s late …..t?”

The unpleasant, dangerous silence continued.
“w.. w WHAT are you doing! YOU! How can you bring a half-elf something to bed! Isn’t there a pride as an imperial aristocrat! Hey! was it a half-elf over there!”
I wonder how did you know at a glance that she’s half-elves, Chrono looked at the angry Tyria.

“Half-elves like you are a hundred years early to be in the same bed as Imperial noblemen! Come over there!”
Chrono stroked Leila’s head, which seemed to be discouraged, and stood before Tyria.
Of course, there is nothing to hide his lower body.
“Please wait”
“Kuro … …., y y YOU, p.. p point that dirty thing to me! Do you think it’s will end just like that! It’s lese majeste!”
“… …. Tyria. Here It was me who brought her in and it was both consents that we had a relationship between men and women”
Chrono attempt to pursue while rocking the elephant between the crotch up and down.
“I had told you to not turn such thing at me!”
“Although it is said to be a pride of the imperial nobility, Isn’t the person who just calls her a half-elf and looks down upon an act which lacks pride?”
Chrono While rocking the elephant between the crotch up and down got up to Tyria.
“C.. Chrono come to the office immediately!”
Chrono is doing a gut pose while staring at the back of Tyria who escapes.
“…… Chrono-sama”
“After this, I will be going to Tyria, Leila, act as usual. You could say that we’re in a relationship, but don’t make a bad attitude to your colleagues”
“Of course, Chrono-sama”
Chrono quickly changed clothes and left the room.

Tyria was sullenly waiting for Chrono in the office on the top floor of Erakis’ house.
“So, what is it?”
“…… You, Don’t be so bold. If this isn’t you, it will be a death penalty by less majesty. s show me somethings like that”
Tyria cleared her throat crimson red.
“… … Successor of the Marquis of Erakis has been decided”
Tyria was in the royal family, a wicked smile floated.
“You, Chrono”
“Baron Crowford?”
“No problem, the Baron Crowford will be able to keep on active for a while, and you should set up an agent in case of emergency.” Do you want to make factions as well? And Chrono stared at Tyria who seemed satisfied nodding. The Emperor of the Empire of Cepheus has two sisters with the correct wife and one male with the concubine. Tyria is a legitimate throne to succumb to, but there

Do you want to make your own factions as well?
Chrono stare at Tyria who seemed satisfied nodding. The Emperor of the Empire of Cepheus has two daughters with the first wife and one male with the concubine. Tyria is a legitimate successor to the throne, but there seem to be some factions to favor the prince. I do not know how much power of a faction that should be called Anti-Tyria faction, but Tyria wants to keep as many allies as possible.
It is annoying. I feel like I will move away from the peaceful life as a remote border aristocrat who I have imagined. However, although it did not make it in time, Tyria came to help with reinforcements, and even the matter of his subordinates are also taken care of.
“How about you, Chrono?”
“Understood, how much can I get as a budget?”
Tyria declared decidedly.
“… Did I hear it wrong? Princess …… In order to take over Marquis Erakis, how would you like us to deal with immediate funds?”
“none, no matter what, Anyhow it’s because it’s the reason which I gave a marquis territory to Chrono. I have not given up a special budget and can not afford to lend from the treasury, but since the funds to maintain the military are paid monthly, that point is safe”
“Do I have to rely on the safe of the Marquis of Erakis?”
“Because I paid severance payment to the employee which was a large amount of money, there is not a single coin in the safe ”
*gong* Chrono took a shock that likes beaten with a blunt weapon.
“How do you manage territory without money?”
“The nobility of the empire to only worrying about gold This is irritable. You should have pride as a nobility a little more.”
“If I can live by eating this pride, by all means, I definitely want to live proud, Fine, I will make my own budget. ”
Chrono spits sigh and left the office.

“Generals, where should I put this statue?”
“Arrange them properly. just make it easier to see”
Yea~, the adjutant did a dull answer and put it on the floor of the hall.
“Is it the last?”
“Yea, this statue is the last thing in the treasure cabinet”
“Even so, he collected a lot hah?”
Says Chrono after looked at art items and magic items that fill the hall. The life-sized nude statue carried by the aide, the pots and paintings that seemed to be high prices, the weapons that have magical powers, the weapons whose seem to be a long history or something like a magic item.

“Sorry everyone”

Chrono called out to his subordinates.
Eight subordinates including his adjutant …… Two wolf demi-human with white hair and gray hair, one lion with a golden mane, one with Lizardman and Minotaurs, one dwarf, and Leila at the end.

They are a Centurian leaders who all command the squad of hundreds. except for Leila who is a fifty commander (temp) … which collectives of the fifty elves who survived.

“Generals, what are you going to do with this?”
“I’d like you to be quiet until I announce it officially, but I supposed to rule Elakis after marquis”

Oooh, and the eight men raised their voices.
“It’s all good, but I have no funds to take any actions. so I decided to sell off the property of Marquis Erakis”

Oooo, and eight men sound disappointed.
“…… General”
“I understand it even if you don’t say … Well, I’d like to behave like a noble person so that everyone can boast, but without money, I can’t pay the part that Marquis Erakis embezzled.”
*Ponpon* the aide tap on Chrono’s shoulder as if comforting.
“That’s why I will make a catalog first, Leila!”
“Yes, Chrono-sama”
Chrono handed Leila a sheet of paper, an ink pot, and a feather pen.
“Since I’ll properly name it, please write it down”
“wa … … that Chrono-sama?”
Leila looked confused and called Chrono.
“What’s wrong?”
“General, Leila can not write letters.”
When Chrono took a gaze to an assistant officer, he seems uncomfortable and faces to the side.
“I can not help you, I am sorry,”
Chrono took writing tools from Leila and head to the statue at the very end.
“First, nude statue … … No. 2, vase”
jar , jar , jar , painting, jar … … just collect so many jars, what are you going to do! It’s only a jar so that a word becomes painful.

“…… 20, Ah, PollAxe?”
“Chrono-sama, this seems to have been given magical powers.”
When Chrono tilted his head, Leila proudly said a little.
“What kind of effect is it?”
“I am sorry, I don’t know that far”
Chrono stare at poleaxe. Is the length of poleaxe less than three meters? The part of the handle is also metallic, reminiscent of the staff of Kiyomizudera where I went on a junior high school trip.
“Mino-san, can you use it?”
“Yea, this much?”
the assistant lifted the poleaxe lightly.
“Then, this is Mino-san’s”
“General, Are you serious?”
“It should be effectively used. If you can use it as a weapon”
Even if you try to sell it, you have to buy one again anyway … … Chrono watches the deputy officer who is trembling with tremendous emotion with cold eyes.
“Next … Glass? No, crystal?”
“It’s an item that you can talk to a far-away opponent.”
When he took the transparent sphere contained in a wooden box, Leila immediately answered. There are more than 20 transparent spheres in a wooden box.
“What is the effective distance?”
“Yes … in Hachel, wherever you are you should be able to use it”
Chrono handed the sphere to his subordinates, which he could now use to interact with his subordinates.
“I will give it as a means of communication … Next is a bow.”
Chrono took a bow and looked carefully. Apparently, this bow seems to be made by combining several materials.
“That is … … a synthetic bow, it is a bow with a considerable distance, but the manufacturing method is kept secret”
It was Dwarven’s captain of the centurion who answered. Dwarves who live in the Cepheus Empire seem to be a standard course to enroll in the army after acquiring skills as a craftsman.
“Can you mass-produce?”
“if you have a workshop”
“Since I’ll fund the workshop building, try to establishing a mass production structure”
Chrono handed over the synthesis bow to Dwarves.

“Ah ~, pots, pots, paintings, paintings, nude statues of the palm size …… fifty thousand, sword”
“Magical power seems not to be included”
“It seems not to be a great quality”
So, how much will it be possible to sell?”
Well, Chrono groaned together with Leila and Dwarf.
“Chrono-sama, we are not merchants ”
“If you do not know the market price, it would be haggled down dirt-cheap and. Let’s think about the price later, let’s complete the catalog.”

Jar, urn, jar, dish, Dishes, Paintings, Paintings …… The maul with Magical Power to Lizardman’s Hundred Captains … … Magical Powerful Large Sword to Lion demi-human … … Sculpture, Sculpture …… Sword with Magical Power x 2 Wolf demi-human … … I take the sword which the emblem of the Imperial family engraved to my waist …… Jewelry is returned to the treasure cabinet and the armor and sword which may be used may also be in the treasure chest

“200 pots, 300 dishes, 50 sheets of paintings, 10 large sculptures, 50 small sculptures, a total of six hundred and ten … … he has saved quite a bit.”
When Chrono finished building the catalog, the sun has finished today duty and was about to sink.

Pics commercial firm is a large-scale business firm with a branch office across the Chepeus empire.

Keeping the branch of Marquis of Erakis, Nicolas is an old trader, but his mentality as a merchant was poor. Nikola himself thought that he could not expect any further advancement although it took more than twice as many times as people to climb to the current position.

In short, the Marquis Erakis branch is like an exile for talent like Nicolas. Nevertheless, Nicolas did seriously do a business without crumbling. He did not discriminate against any opponent, and He has taken care of apprenticeship business members properly.

A noble youth and a half-elf came to such Nicolas, it was almost evening. Is the noble youth about to reach twenty years old? He was toughened and had a big scar from the forehead to the cheek, whether it was due to the war or not. He seems to have lost his eyesight of the right eye, apparently because He has closed his eyelids. Half-elf woman over twenty years old. However, it is fatal to judge the age by appearance alone, as she has the blood of an elf, which is said to live two to five times as long as a human being. She has a fragile body … … It is feeling that missing in nutrition, wearing shabby clothes. Maybe a nobleman and his mistress, or a prostitute bought for fun.

“What kind of business do you have today?”
“I’d like to see clothes that are fit for this girl.”
When Nicolas responded with an open smile, the aristocratic youth declared curtly.

“Then, how are these clothes?”
Nicolas presented a deep blue skirt that almost black, a beige tunic, a skirt with the same color as the skirt.

“Can she try it on?”
“Yes, there is a fitting room here. Vel, please guide this customer”
Nicolas calls Vel, an apprentice business member and guides half-elf woman.

“How much will it be?”
“Yes, It will be five gold coins”
He thought it will be haggled over, but a youth handed over the coins to Nicolas
For a bad attitude, he is a polite young man
“… … Shopkeeper, is there a consultation service?”
“What is it?”
“Actually … I was ordered to sell artworks from a noble house, I have a hard time because I do not understand the market price. ”
Haaa, Nikola felt like understand a part of the reason for this young man paying in full. Perhaps, the young man is the descendant of Elakis’ family.

“If you’re fine with me, would you like to consult?”
“Is that so!”

Within an hour, Nicolas regretted giving a youth consultation. Because the number of items exaggerated exceeds six hundred, and the actual sale is the next day.

The next day, Nicolas left his branch to a trustworthy subordinate and went with apprentice member Vel to Marquis Elakis house. Suddenly Vel began to talk after putting a horse-drawn carriage in the site of Marquis Erakis house.

“Branch manager, Branch manager!”
“What is it?”
“We won’t be killed, are we?”
Ha? Nicolas gave a stupid voice to Vell’s words.
“Something like, because I understand the market price, I think that there is no use for you anymore!”
“It should not be”

When he split with a subordinate, lifted a box filled with a gold coin and entered a hall, there were many men and demi-humans.

Demi-humans stood up surrounding a hall and Humen …… are powerful merchants of the Marquis Erakis territory.

“t … t… is that table looks like an execution table?”
“Shut it”
After a while, yesterday’s youth stood on the stand.
“Everyone, I am Chrono Crawford, There are some reasons, and I was entrusted to govern Marquis of Erakis territory”
Youth…,… Chrono-shi spoke.

“The properties of Marquis Erakis was left to funds for future activities. I am going to sell them the way that is familiar to you … … It’s a bidding!”

Nicolas looked at Chrono-shi with half a sense of amnesty that he was a surprising aristocrat.

Perhaps Chrono-shi was calling out people other than Nicolas. Although it seems good to sell to the merchant with the highest price, Chrono-shi aims at lifting further price by adopting the bidding method.

Even without selling it, it is impossible to win up with two brief sentences, since Chrono-shi understood the market price.

“First of all, it is a nude statue made by a sculptor in a free city group in the north! Start from the 400 gold coins!”

“Four hundred!”
“Four hundred and thirty!”
“Five hundred!”
“Next is a Sadal jar made 100 years ago!”

Although It was selling calmly at the beginning. I wonder if It was engaged in a heat of moment, or Chrono-shi was good at fluttering, or Whether they want to sell a favor to a new ruler. Bidding price exceeding Nicolas’ expectation.

Bidding last for two days, Nicolas was forced to stay at the Marquis. Although going out was permitted, a conversation between merchants … there is a possibility of bid-rigging … … was prohibited.

“Oh, I could not buy it.”
“Well, it can’t be helped.”

Nicolas answered feebly to Vel’s words.
There’s money remained because Nicolas couldn’t fight for it.
He was able to buy only 60 items such as pots and dishes.
Sculptures and paintings that can be sold at high prices have been bought by another firm.

“The one from Pics commercial firm!”
“What is it?”

It was then that Nicolas tried to catch a carriage when he was asked.
“Chrono-sama has called”
“What business is it?”
“I do not know the thinking of Chrono-sama,”
the half-elf woman replied as if she was confused. Nicolas was guided by a half-elf woman and stepped into the drawing room on the third floor of the Marquis Erakis house.
“Hi, I’m Nicolas”
“Nicolas-san, take it easy”
Nikolas sat down on a good sofa and confronted Chrono-shi.
What to say. a youth that can be found anywhere.
If I say forcibly, he seems kind of a good-natured feeling.

“What is the result of the bid?”
“Chrono-sama should be familiar with the result”
Yes, Chrono-shi floated smile from the whole face.
Because he earned more than 30,000 gold coins in only two days. Although 20,000 gold coins were estimated from Nicolas.
Nicolas spewed curse in his mind, that he would be played by a young man like this.
“What business do you have with me?”
“It’s that, but rather than Pikus commercial firm … … I thought of asking Nicolas to become a government purveyor”
Eh! Nikola jumps unexpectedly from the sofa.
“Why me?”
“Because you have an excellent service”

Chrono-shi smiled and turned his eyes towards a half-elf woman at a glance. The point that the female half-elf seemed embarrassed and blushed. I think the choice as a mistress doesn’t seem to have been wrong.
“let’s begin with soldiers’ food. There are six hundred and fifty subordinates, how much would that cost?”
“Yes, in that case.”
When Nicolas presents the price while explaining the price of wheat, Chrono-shi seems satisfied nod.
“If it was that amount of money, how about a contract for five years? when a subordinate increasing. How about increasing the number based on that amount of money?”

“It’s a dea- … won’t I lose money when it’s a poor harvest?”
He nearly nodded, but immediately stopped and thinking.
That was dangerous.
he has a Good-natured atmosphere, but this youth is formidable.

“But you will earn profits if it’s a good harvest?”
“the market today … when saying that it’s average, is it average?”

Nicolas quickly re-calculates that stockpiling barley at the time of harvest can reduce the risk. Then,
“If you can keep the quality above a certain level of quantity I won’t say anything much.”
Chrono-shi added in as if he had seen the thought of Nicolas.
“Even so, is Chrono-sama really a nobleman?”
“If I can act arrogant and manage a territory, by all means, I’d like to do that, right?”

Nicolas has revised the impression a second time.

“Since sales of the auction were 30,500 gold coins, the unpaid salary was 6,000 gold coins, the remaining is 24,500. Taxes will be collected in the  tenth month, We must also make a workshop.”

We have to recruit employees as well, and it is painful for me to do everything by myself, and Chrono took off at the desk.

“…… I am sorry.I can not help you, ”
“hm~, well, it’s only that much”

Chrono replied to Leila, whose shoulder dropped sadly.

Is studying useful for in the future? The doubts that everyone who lives in contemporary Japan once thought, the answer is the circumstances surrounding Leila and demi-humans.

Studying is unnecessary if you only live day by day. However, if we look forward to five years, ten years from now, minimum knowledge will be necessary.

Immediately Chrono resolved his resolve and wrote 26 letters on the paper that resembled the alphabet.

The grammar of the language used in the Cepheus empire is English as it is, the only difference is that pronunciation of spelling as it is.

“… Chrono-sama, do not you love me tonight?”
“Leila, sit down”
Chrono stands up and Leila squatted into a chair.

“Oh, this is”
“I will teach you letters and arithmetics from tonight, I think that you do not know what you need to study for now, but for Leila five years later, ten years later …… I want you to memorize letters and arithmetic for you guys a century later. ”

To be honest, I want to embrace Leila. Leila is an attractive woman and I also want to indulge in pleasures I just memorized. If Leila asks for it, respond to it is also love.

However, I think that considering the future of Leila is also love.

Some of you ask me to continue picking this up after chapter 4.5
Here’s the reason why I still reluctant to this.

1. I count the place that I have to guess the whole context. only in this chapter, there are about 30 places. It’s very likely 20+ places that will be off the mark. I feel like I just draw a beard on a Monalisa painting or putting a Gundam arm on statue of Venus.

2. I haven’t ask permission from the author yet. the reason being 1. above. I don’t want to ask for permission with subpar translation. Also, I can understand Japanese by listening to them. but I can’t even write my own name in Japanese. I did try. well, it comes out pretty iffy. .. so I don’t know how to write a proper letter in this case.

3. I have to start working in March. And my post grad. final review in May. Which may change from 1-2 chapters a week to 0-2 chapters a month depends on how busy I will be. I don’t want to hold a project this good in my hand with that snail pace release.

4. I’m not being tsundere here.

If you’re fine with it I see what I can do.



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