Kuro no Senki Arc 1 Chapter 1

クロの戦記  Kuro no Senki
Kuro’s War Record

Author: Saito Ayumu


Story synopsis
Shamelessly copied from rip translations

Kurono Crawford (Chrono Crawford), a noble of Cepheus Empire had a secret. It was that he came from a Different world…….Modern Japan. Having the knowledge about the modern weapons and his sense of values he was an existence almost like a cheat, aiming to be the “Harem King”.

Join him as he commands an army of 1,000 against 10,000

※ Although there is a war record in the title, domestic affairs are the main part of Arc 1.
※ Overlap released 3 books of light novel version.

Life goal arc

Chapter 1 『Chrono』

Chrono follows the ditches with his eyes. they extending from his feet slowly lose its contour as it gets further away from Chrono. The grass gradually gets denser and at some point covers half of it. Raising the line of sight, there is a dark and quiet forest spreading.

The forest which spread between the border of the Cepheus Empire and the Sacred Argo Kingdom was known as the Dark Forest.

the Dark Forest is an alpine that has a natural defense of many ferocious wild animals such as wolves and a brown bear.

It is said even that the demons of the old are lurking here, but there seem to be many carriages used this passage to the extent that there’s a trail left.

It could be a result of the merchant that hates the trouble of detour the forest or to evade the high toll tax of Marquis Erakis that Chrono served.

If you go through other territories, you’ll have to pay a toll tax every time so there will be only a small profit left on the merchant’s hand.

Chrono himself can not understand that how can money could be more important than life, but he can understand the idea that you must bear the corresponding risks to gain profit.

So he can understand that the Sacred Argo Kingdom is going to attack the Cepheus Empire with the risk of crossing the dark forest.
However, He didn’t know the intention of the Cepheus Empire and the Sacred Argo Kingdom repeatedly skirmished near the border again and again.

although you can’t say that they have a very friendly relationship, but why did the Sacred Argo Kingdom appear in a massive military action at this timing?

Even if he asks himself, the answer will not come out. After all, what he knows is only that the Cepheus Imperial Army move is far behind, that he had to quickly chase out the enemy, plus his colleague and superior had escaped.

“…… っ!” [Chrono]

Something moved in the back of the forest, Chrono reflexively clasped the handle of the sword, but 700 of Demi-humans subordinate did not respond to anything.

There are elves who are forest experts in this field, but beast men who make up the majority of his subordinates boast a keen sense of smell and hearing.

he decided to believe in his men rather than his own feeling, Chrono took his hand off the handle. Although he reflectively reaching out to the sword, Chrono is not good at swordsmanship.

Not only he is not good at swordsmanship but also in equestrian as well. For that reason, he usually moves on foot, but he did not think that his superior and his colleagues would abandon him.

If you earn time, reinforcements will come, said his superior Marquis Erakis.

According to reports of the scouts, the number of Sacred Argo Kingdom is 10,000, but here is only one thousand. Tenfold difference in military force … … What the hell are you thinking about?

The life of Chrono and his people are uncertain. The moral of his subordinates is sunk rock bottom low.

Many of his subordinates are beast men …… It looks like the beast’s head is on the human torso, so it is hard to understand their expression at the same time.

At least, if Chrono was an excellent commander, morale would have increased. At least they could have hoped.

Unfortunately, Chrono has just graduated from the military school and has no practical experience and it was so bad enough to leave his name in the history of the military school. It is also thanks to the fact that his teacher who bowed his head down here and there that he could graduate.

For once, Chrono has also made an effort. Last night they splurge on lavish food and alcohol, tried to raise the moral, but it seems as that they were being seen pessimistically as the last meal and alcohol of life at the end.

“Generals, are you okay?” (fuumoo~ moo ~) [Minotaur]
“Sorry, it looks like it will leak” [Chrono]
Chrono leaked the real intention to an adjutant who carefully asked.
“…… general” (moo~) [Minotaur]
With black circular eyes staring at Chrono and sadly sang.
His adjutant is a beast man with a head of a cow called Minotaurus.
The height exceeds 2 meters, and its body is covered with steel-like muscle.
“No, I also want to show off, but originally I am weak.” [Chrono]
I was even afraid in a quarrel, to be made a commander is just insane. my stomach is so heavy it turned to lead. With a slight stimulus to stomach, the peristaltic sphincter will be free. (as in shit his pant)

“Why did you become a soldier if it’s like that?” (fuumou~?) [Minotaur]
“Because I heard that being an aristocrat I have to go to military school” [Chrono]
laughing, A dull-colored nose ring at the nose of his aide shakes.
Nose rings are magic items with interpretation magic. This makes it possible to communicate with beast men whose structure of the vocal cords is different from human beings.

“General, you could get away from here are you not? In such battle, You won’t get anything staying with us demi-humans” (fumooo) [Minotaur]
” …. Yes, so? ” [Chrono]
In fact, he is right.

Demi-human is a beast person like minotaurs including elves and dwarves. It is a word pointing to living creatures that are not human beings, and it is also a derogatory term meaning less than a human being.

As demi-human is a human natural enemy long ago. now that human power has expanded, demi-human has been included in a society while being ruled by a human.

If you serve military service for a certain period in the Cepheus Empire. Citizenship is also issued to the Demi-human. But if they injured to the point that they inevitably have to retire the army they won’t get one. It is difficult to get a good job Even if you obtain citizenship.

Still, the correspondence of the Cepheus Empire is better than those of neighboring countries, the Sacred Argo Kingdom holds the eradication of the demi-human as a national policy.

Chrono is still in a winning group even if there is nothing else but being a noble if looking from the side of his subordinates.

“In the time to leave a subordinate and run away, I miss my chance to run” [Chrono]
“…… General, are you seriously saying that?” [Minotaur]
While Chrono smiled wryly, Minotaur’s aide seems to be amazed.
“Of course I am serious, I did not dream that I would be abandoned by my superior and my colleagues” [Chrono]
“…” [Minotaur]
This time it seemed that his aide was losing his words.
“I’m not going to die a dog death, and I’m not going to just let it be. [Chrono]
“I do not think we can stop the enemy with a fence made in a hurry” (moo mooo) [Minotaur]
The adjutants glared at the fences that stand side by side as he speaks.

The fence is installed at a position slightly away from the forest boundary.
Height and width are about three meters, the thickness of wood is about a thigh of Chrono.
The fences are installed at equal intervals, and between them, there is a gap through which people can pass.
“If this is the case, it is better for you to use guerrilla tactic?” [Minotaur]
“I thought about that too, but that alone can not repel them.” [Chrono]
That said, Chrono glared at the forest.
If he had a little more time he will able to use a guerrilla warfare, but our moves are too far behind.
It is a chance now that for a march.
If the Argo Kingdom Army passes through the forest, We can not compete with just one thousand people.
“If we did not force them back…” [Chrono]
plunder and slaughter will be done, Chrono swallowed the words.
Pillage to secure provision and items then kill all the demi-human.

“because it is their state religion” [Chrono]
Chrono threw up a spat.


Fort Cities Hachel …… The town bearing the name of the servant who served the first Marquis of Erakis. Which is less than half a day distance away from the Dark forest. This city has developed as a city and also functions as a military base.

Tyria was waiting for the Marquis of Iraqis in the office located on the top floor of the building located in the center of Hachel.
“What did you say?! you escaped!?” [Tyria]
Tyria hits the desk And Marquis Erakis shook his body as frightened.
“b .. but we should be able to earn some time with this.” [Marquis Erakis]
“””That’s right!””” [Marquis’s goons]
When the Marquis Erakis excited with sweat and perspiration, his subordinates followed as well.
There was no choice. There was a discrepancy in information. If we can pay with one thousand lives of demi-human, it is cheap.

As a result, “a girl who does not know anything” may not be said to her, but the gaze of them seems accuses Tyria.

Surely Tyria did not know about the battlefield. Now, The only reason That she can yell at the Marquis Erakis who is as old as her father. Because Tyria being the first Princess of the Cepheus Empire having the right to succeed to the first throne.

Tyria stops her angry shout toward the attitudes of Marquis Erakis and remembered something.

Thirty years ago, the Cepheus Empire was in a turbulent period.
The civil war over the succession to the throne, the independence and the invasion of barbarians of the city-state multiplied by it. Aristocrats who struggled with anxiety failed to respond to successive abnormal situations and finally made the situation converge with the help of several mercenary groups.

At this time, the empire was supposed to have learned the lessons that “the battle can not win under incompetent commanders and will unlawfully spread war damage.” That is why we established a military school for Cadet that enrolled the nobles.

It seems that the saying goes “Forget the heat if passed the throat” lessons learned with precious sacrifice.

The mercenary group has been given territory at the southern tip of the Empire due to the achievement of convergence, now is the noble aristocrat.

“Is that “cheap” included Chrono too?” [Tyria]
“… We convinced him to go back, but Chrono said he can not do such inhuman thing as an abandonment of his men.” [Marquis of Erakis]
Tyria tried to grind her teeth strongly as to push the grudge that raging from this situation.

The Marquis of Erakis is probably thought that Chrono is only a son of Baron Crawford, but Chrono is a special person for Tyria.

“What day is it?” “What?” [Tyria][Marquis of Erakis]
“How many days for the reinforcements come from the surrounding area? Or are you not even asking for relief!” [Tyria]

“Right way!” [Marquis of Erakis]
the marquis and the surroundings jumped out of the room to escape.
“Stupid Chrono, idoit, fool!” [Tyria]

Tyria scratched her blonde hair.
She and Chrono were classmates within military schools.
Even with that, there was not much contact with Tyria and Chrono.
Royal and new nobility, honor students and inferior students, their positions were too different.

The trick that Tyria came to be aware of Chrono was a defeat in military exercises. Tyria defeated her enemies one after another in the capture the flag skirmish and then made them captive. Just before the end, Chrono has launched an attack that can only be thought of as being suicide.

Tyria assaulted the entire army and her army flag was brought down by a few soldiers easily. To put it simply, she was lured out.
Later, Tyria ashamed of her shallowness, but at the same time, she was unable to convince herself and repeatedly challenged Chrono to many fights.

To say the least, Chrono was an interesting man. he was a rare type of aristocrat who had his own perspective on things and felt the pressure to fulfill his obligation as a nobility rather than the privilege consciousness born to a nobleman.

Although it’s difficult to say if you think that he is just the son of a new aristocrat …… a rising noble, she was not bothered.
“Are those demi-human worth that much to you?” [Tyria]
She narrowed her eyes a bit and muttered.

At the moment when five heavy armed cavalries appeared from the depth of the forest, Chrono has regretted that he did not run away from the bottom of his heart.

Chrono is conscious of his own weakness. His swordsmanship was the extent to which just a bit better than amateurs, and He can only use one magic.

His head is not dull, but still not that smart. he does not have the courage. Even if he tries to be courage, He regrets that he can’t keep up with his nerves.

Chrono thought that it was not a bad idea when Marquis Elakis said that he earned time with Demi-human as shields.

He is scared to fight and understand his weaknesses. He also saw that if his weak self-fights he will die.

He just needed to smile and nod to his superior. but He can’t do it. He just lost the opportunity to escape without being able to do that much.

Chrono went outside the fence while tightening his ass.

The threat of heavy cavalry in the battlefield is in mobility and rushing power.
The charge by forming in a row holds the power that is enough to blow off a large demi-human.

“…… My name is Chrono Crawford! I am the first child a Baron! I will be shame forever if my neck is taken by the lower rank. Heed me, knight, I desired a single combat duel!” [Chrono]

When Chrono shouted loudly unsheathing sword from the waist. One of the cavalries walked forward. He seems to be a leader, and he is a wearing the most luxurious armor among the fifth.

Pushing out a spear. the cavalry rush forward while increasing speed.
And at the moment when he reached the maximum speed, the figure of the knight vanished.

In that short time, the knight fell from the back of his horse to the ground. He was struck by a rope tied to the height of the neck and fell off the horse.

“” “” …… __! “” ”

They saw their colleague lost from a lowly trap. The remaining four horses come rushing in. They slipped through under the rope.
“Right now!” [Chrono]
And were pierced through by the pile of the spear which shoots out from a signal.

The mobility and rushing power of a cavalry are a threat, but if you know that they will move straight ahead, Then there is not much of a threat.

Fuu, and Chrono wiped cold sweat and returned to the side of the adjutant.
“… Don’t you have any pride of noble?” [Mino-san]
“If you can win with it, I definitely want to fight proudly. Oh, leave the dead body like that.” [Chrono]
Chrono took a glance then swallowed up nausea that came up.

There was some gaze but a light has been lit on their pupil.

It was after a while after killing the cavalry that the enemy main troops appeared.

The Army Kingdom start moving first on the other side.
I wondered if they see those Knight hit by a trap.
A commander with a crimson tassel has led the infantry.
Archers shoot arrows through the fence, but their army still advances forward.
As soon as enemy commanders are within the range, a melee battle began.
Swirl, angry, dancing smoke, and a smell of bleary blood.
“Push back! “(MooMooo!)

And the subordinates respond to the order of the adjutant.
Dwarfs pierce an infantry who come close to the fence and for the enemies infantry attempting to break in the gap of the fence were knocked down by the Minotaurus with a huge crane.

If this was a battle between demi-human, it would have been a different development, but all the soldiers of the Argo Kingdom are human …… It is just a normal soldier who received minimal training.

For now, I am doing well at the present pace.
The rumors of the Dark Forest might help too since the enemy came in without detouring the fence. In addition, because enemy infantry is dense, there is no support for arrows and magic.
“Go round the fence! Attack from behind!” The enemy commanders scream as though they were frustrated, but the soldiers of the Argo kingdom just look away at each other.
“Escape the fence!”
Several people try to jump into the forest. When they push in deeper to the waist height bush … … they suddenly disappeared.

“Kii Hiiiiiii”
The next moment, the shabby skinny echoed the battlefield.
The bushes shake violently then blood blooms.
Eventually. the human head popped out of the quiet forest.
“There something !”
“Run away!”
A soldier who fell into a panic attempted to return, but he was dragged into the bush.
Again, the scream revives.
“It’s an ambush! Calm down!”
Chrono lifted the edge of the mouth, The panic can not be stopped once it starts.
Panic propagates.
When weapons fall from the hands of a soldier of the Kingdom of Argo and soldiers begins to flee backward.

“Crimson God who controls the destruction!”
Kuuuu , Wa!
And the flames explode and bloom just above the soldiers of the Argo Kingdom.
The flame dies down in an instant, but it is enough to stop the soldier who got into the panic. God power skill … It is a skill that manifests the power of God who controls fire, water, earth, wind, darkness, and light.

The power of the God can only be used by which they believe in. There are also benefits such as healing wounds. Even if you are not familiar with medicine, or even if you do not understand the theory of surgeon. Although there is a possibility of becoming a crippled person due to excessive use

“Calm down, Our force is overwhelming here”
The commander’s command has overthrown the head which became a blank sheet.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh! And the soldiers of the Kingdom of the Argo all yell at once.
Chrono clicked his tongue.
The enemy’s commander makes it so that they would stop playing with not by Chrono’s plan. The Argo Kingdom army that regained calmness was strong.
Not that the level of the soldiers are high, they only become strong because they are calm.
This is now the opponent’s turn … … It was dragged into the attrition war.
The infantry attaches to the fence, and their fellow pokes with a spear.
Minotaurs and Lizardman crush the infantry who tried to sneak through the fence with a stone. This keeps on repeating.

Little by little, fatigue accumulates, and the wounded soldiers’ increases.
The dwarf’s spear is hit and then pushed back. they were struck by the gap then lost his position and the enemy slips through the sides of Minotaur and Lizardman.
A beast-men who saw that also attacks, but that they also wounded by soldiers.
And, after receiving a myriad of spears, one of the Lizardman collapsed.
“General General!” [Mino-san]
“I knew! Close the hole as soon as possible!” [Chrono]
The adjutant fills the hole of that Lizardman, but one soldier of the Argo King’s army has crossed the fence.
His aim is Chrono.
“Generals!” [Mino-san]
“… ….tsk” [Chrono]

by the cry of the adjutant, Chrono tried to pull out the sword, but the enemy was faster to swing the sword. An intense shock has shaken the brain and he feels nausea.
The skull boasts considerable strength even in most of the bone. It is impossible to cut in a single breath from the head to the crotch unless you use magic or divine techniques.

Still, the soldier’s sword was robbing half of his sight … … Chrono’s right eye.
He clenched his teeth and swallowed a scream.
Even in name, if the commander screams here, They will be pushed down.

“… ….Tenshuu Kagura!” [Chrono]

Chanting the activation the magical expression imprinted on the unconscious layer of the brain is thawed, and a jet black sphere is born on top of Chrono.
Magic is the power that a living thing is born with ……  It is a power to gives magic power to the law and attribute Then converts it into a physical phenomenon.

Learning by using drugs to acquire activation expressions imprinting on the unconscious layer of the brain, but the proficiency is necessary for effective operation.

Also, you can not adjust the power with your own intention, the attributes of magic you can master and the number of times you use depend on your individual talent.
When Chrono swung down the right hand, the jet black ball wrapped up the infantry head.
“…… area designation, activated !” [Chrono]
In accordance with the operation of Chrono, the black spherical body one head vanish.

There was neither sound nor light, and the jet black ball transferred the target’s head to another space.

Still, because the heart is moving. Blood gushes from the cross section of the neck like a fountain, and dyes Chrono’s face red.

It was then that the fire pillar rose above the forest when the soldiers’ corpses were tilted.
“What !”
“Tensuu Kagura!” [Chrono]
Chrono launched Tensuu Kagura and released the jet black ball to the enemy commander who stopped the movement. The jet black ball scraped between Chrono’s subordinate and enemy soldiers, wrapped around the commander’s right arm and annihilated the
area designation as in the case of killing.
“area designation, activated !” [Chrono]
A soldier’s blood emanates from the cross section of the right arm, and the commander rolls off from the horse.
But his eyes were not on disappearing arms, but still staring at the fire pillar that goes up intermittently.
… … After a brief rush,

“Crimson God who governs destruction!”
The commander grinned fire burn the section of the arm and the blood stopped.

“Change course! Protect His Highness!”
That was the start.
Soldiers who are given reasons to escape are fragile.
In addition, here there is no more reason for the soldiers of the Kingdom of Argo to fight by betting their lives.
The Argo Kingdom troops were routed.


“General, are you OK?” (moo~) [Mino-san]

“Fine, Except for the right eye becoming useless.” [Chrono]

Chrono sat down in a wooden box and pulled his hair with frustration.
Although medicinal herbs with analgesic effect relieved the pain, the impact of losing the right eye is great.

“dead…, There’re a lot of injured soldiers.” [Chrono]

Chrono pinched his back teeth to endure nausea and pain.
More than 100 people are killed, all others are injured.
He did not think that everyone could survive, but the assumption is different from the reality. More than one hundred people died at his command, and he himself also killed people.

The strategy that Chrono thought is simple.

Seven hundred people stop the enemy, the remaining three hundred people …… The elf who is good at magic attacks the enemy’s main shrine.

Chrono won the bet. But still, He could not abandon his thought.
if the fire pillar was rising faster, nobody may have died.
If the elves were doing better, they could be done without anyone killed.

Yes, because of those trash elves.

I’m not bad.

I’m not bad!

As the assumption that was made up by self-defense, trying to make it a fact.

“General, the separate battalion has returned back” [Mino-san]

“…… ouu” [Chrono]

There were three hundred people. now not even 50 elves had left.
Those bodies were covered with blood and had many wounds.

“I beg your forgiveness” [Elf woman]
“… ….” [Chrono]
As a collapse elf women kneeled at the feet of Chrono.

Is she about 20 years old?

The eyes look sharp and have a smart body line that is reminded me of a feline.
Short silvery hair was disheveled as to tell the fierce battle, brown skin was painted in blood and mud.

“The defense of the enemy camp is too heavy … … I beg your forgiveness.” [Elf woman]

“…, ah, ah.” [Chrono]

That’s right.

From the beginning, I sent them out as a suicide corps.


It’s me.

I made a strategy and sent them to the dead.

Chrono walked over to a brown elf with a gait like a sleepwalking person and kneeled there.

I am to blame.

How a shameless of me.

“… … Sorry” [Chrono]

“Eh?” [Elf woman]

He grabbed her blood-clad hand and muttered with a trembling voice.

repeatedly sorry, Chrono shed tears.


It was the evening of the next day that Tyria came running with reinforcements.
It is precisely like the goddess of salvation that cuts and shines silver-colored armor.
Tyria got off the horse, ordered the transportation of injured troops and the construction of their position.

Ally soldiers began to move quickly, where Chrono breathed a sigh of relief.

Even though he sent away the Sacred Argo Kingdom, everyone, including Chrono, was exhausted.

If a bandit attack right now they would have been destroyed.

“… … something like that?” [Chrono]
“I see.” [Tyria]

When Chrono finished reporting, Tyria poked his cheek with a stupid appearance.
There is only Chrono and Tyria in the tent.
Tyria slowly said,

“really like … a disaster hah?” [Tyria]

Close his eyes lightly, Chrono thinks of a dead subordinate.

Mourning the dead subordinate, he is angry with Marquis Erakis who escaped and hates his own inept.

“… Well, ne,” [Chrono]

Chrono submerged various emotions in the back and returned shortly.

“What do you think about this time?” [Tyria]

“It about succession fighting in the Sacred Argo Kingdom ” Chrono replied sighs.

His Highness and that commander were speaking.

The King of the Sacred Argo Kingdom is older. Although the successor to the throne has already been decided, there are many royalty and surroundings that are not convinced.

Therefore, Prince of the Sacred Argo Kingdom tried to make a record to silence those who were not convinced.

Indeed, winning a war is a very easy-to-understand achievement. Of course, if you can win it.

“The Kingdom of Argo will not be attacking for a while, you should definitely lower the centripetal force of a badly defeated prince who lost by losing 10,000 soldiers. If his the national strength declines it should be now” [Chrono]

” … …. Ho ” Tyria breathed out as she admired.

“But you have to keep it prepared.” [Chrono]

“That’s right.” [Tyria]

Tyria ran the pen on the parchment and added a sign at the end.

“Is this OK?” [Tyria]

“Oh, thank you.” [Chrono]

Chrono received a parchment from Tiria and smiled.

“Even if you do not bother to prepare such things,”

“It is important” Chrono shrugged his shoulders and said to Tyria with a somewhat discouraged expression.

Treat his injured subordinated soldier without distinguishing it from humans, is stated on parchment.

Of course, it is Tyria’s signature.

It is miserable to borrow the authority, but you can not be relieved if you do not do it.

“Well, let’s go” [Chrono]

outside the awning, and Chrono looked at the sky vaguely.

“… … Three years have passed already?” [Chrono]

Chrono … Kurono Harumitsu sighed deeply while looking up to the heavens.

Three years ago, I was suddenly surrounded by a floating feeling, and when I noticed, another world … I was in the middle of the rice field.

Coincidentally, helped by the old aristocrat … Baron Crawford, he was greeted as an adopted child because he had no slave marks.

“… no cheat, there is only the son position of the lord and the might not be useful knowledge” knowing that the nobility is also a cheat, Chrono thanked his fortune.

If he did not meet the old Baron, he may have been sold as a slave or may have been killed by bandits.

It is probably the biggest fortune that I was adopted and I learned the language.

“Still, there is something I can do” [Chrono]

Looking up at the sky, Chrono muttered a little.


I read this after I’ve done with it.


23 thoughts on “Kuro no Senki Arc 1 Chapter 1

  1. Dream Spring says:

    Sufficiently readable, despite a few minor mistakes here and there.

    A shame this is only a teaser; it looks to have potential considering the MC isn’t cowardly enough to just run away, or turn a blind eye to things, and isn’t OP enough to be a cheat, but is smart enough to use unorthodox tactics to claim even a Pyrrhic victory over a much superior force.


  2. Yunchii says:

    Not bad… Not bad at all… Actually screw that…. I think you did a good job translating and editing this chapter… Thanks for the chapter!!!


  3. jolee says:

    Thanks for the chapter~

    Hmm seems pretty edgy unlike the synopsis in this first chapter?
    Well the MTL is understandable already, by rewriting parts they will be easier to read and make more sense.

    At least it’s not monster size chapters like a certain black cat novel~


    • Tokanya says:

      It will be a lot softer after this. Like a post war period world building, making city, recruit people and then back to the battle field. beside half of it is slice of life (kind of) another half is another …. slice of … life? like 500+ lives.

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  4. bamboo-kin says:

    thanks for translate.
    im reading JWN eng ver for study english. and i love this novel.
    then im glad that found your translation and i learned a lot today.thank you.

    i think 天枢神楽 isnt tengoku kagura. tensuu kagura is right.
    meaning, 天枢 = center of the Sanctuary
    神楽 = ritual dance with religious music for deify their gods(Polytheism)
    very difficult words.actually i couldnt understand these words without my dictionary and jp-wikipedia


    • Tokanya says:

      I have totally forget about this. It took me forever to find the meaning so I went with what make the most sense to me at that time. I know Kagura is ritual dance but the first one is Urza major (star name) so I translate each kanji instead. so …. how do we call this magic thing? Center sanctuary ritual dance?

      btw, I suggest against you study English with my translation. It is …. not really legit English grammar lol. I mixed up a lot when I use more than one language at once.


    • Tokanya says:

      Oh! right. After chapter 6 I’ll make a page for people names, map, magics and all that. please come by and check on it. There will be a lot like this case where I’m not sure what I put in.


      • bamboo-kin says:

        oh thanks to reply

        indeed,tensuu is one of constellation terms.kanji dictionary listed both.I think these words are so Unique and difficult to translate litteraly.
        If I had to choose, “deify” is more important thing than “dancing” i think…
        Tensuu-kagura bring the target to somewhere far away. also someone used too much divine-power cant return from gods realm(from HighPriest-san and chrono’s talk). Those are very alike.

        then…”deify in the sanctuary”? or “offer to the sanctuary”?
        this chuuni spell should be made free translation. something chuuni english is better than literal translation.

        offcourse i keep reed your translation and if i find something usefull i try to tell you,
        you’r humble but its a good translation and my motivation(most important!) is maxed by your translation!
        thank you!


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